Italy – Spring In Sicily And The Carrying Off Of The Maid

ISLANDS have always had for me a magic charm. As I have cruised among them along the coast of Maine and the shore of Dalmatia and in the Ionian Sea, often I have wished to stop at some beckoning sea-girt place, sure of latent adventures there. Islands seem more individual than great continents, more full […]

Italy – Re-reading Catullus At Sirmio

THE place which smiles at me beyond all others when I long to rest is a simple fisherman’s town on the Lago di Garda, Catullus’s Sirmio. Once when I was spending a night there, the summer before the war, mountains and lake, sky and air, olive-trees and ruins, and the friendly folk so appealed to […]

Islands Of The Giudecca And S. Giorgio Maggiore

THERE is nothing, I think, that is so effectual in luring us back to Venice again and again as the remembrance of those delicious hours in early morning before the sun has southed, in the quiet afternoons that pass so slowly and so noiselessly in a city whose streets are the sea, or in the […]

Lombard Vignettes – San Maurizio

The student of art in Italy, after mastering the characters of different styles and epochs, finds a final satisfaction in the contemplation of buildings designed and decorated by one master, or by groups of artists interpreting the spirit of a single period. Such supreme monuments of the national genius are not very common, and they […]

Syracuse And Girgenti

THE traveller in Sicily is constantly reminded of classical history and literature. While tossing, it may be, at anchor in the port of Trapani, and wondering when the tedious Libeccio will release him, he must perforce remember that here AEneas instituted the games for Anchises. Here Mnestheus and Gyas and Sergestus and Cloanthus raced their […]


SICILY, in the centre of the Mediterranean, has been through-out all history the meeting-place and battle-ground of the races that contributed to civilize the West. It was here that the Greeks measured their strength against Phoenicia, and that Carthage fought her first duel with Rome. Here the bravery of Hellenes triumphed over barbarian force in […]

Gibraltar – Naples – Pompeii – Rome

March 3d.-We arrived here last evening about seven o’clock, after a voyage of thirty-seven hours from Lisbon, in the steamer Malaga, a good little vessel of eight hundred tons, with a fine English captain weighing many ” stone,” and a steady crew. For the first time for many a month I met joints and mealy […]

Gibraltar – Tangier

March 20th.—We are again in Gibraltar. After dining with Mr. and Mrs. Winthrop Chanler, where we met among other guests Minister Porter and his daughter, Miss Broadwood, Mr. and Mrs. Terry, and Mr. Dougherty, we prepared for our departure from Rome. We took an early train for Naples to meet the steamer Oroya, on which […]

Through the Mediterranean

IT was eight o’clock at night when we got back to the transport in Gibraltar Bay. Timmie and Mr. Casey were hanging over the rail on watch for me, and they had all sorts of questions to ask me about the trip while I was in the mess-room getting a bite to eat. I told […]

The Historic Island of Malta

WE were due to arrive at Valletta, the chief Maltese port, on a Monday morning, and on the Sunday afternoon previous there was a short prayer-meeting on the forcastle head for the soldiers and sailors. One of the Georgia recruits addressed the meeting, and his talk was helpful to all of us. When the service […]