A Day In Monaco

Across the Mediterranean from Algiers to Monaco requires about a day. We made the passage on Easter Sunday and when I awoke next morning the ship was slowly swinging at anchor under the Casino. Behind it the town rose in steep terraces toward the background of the Maritime Alps. The Tete de Chien stood guard […]

Alexandria – Travel

The regular steamers hardly stop long enough to give you time for a run up to Cairo, and the winter-cruise boats not only stop two and a half days but provide also all excursion arrangements for seeing Cairo, so that what I could write here would be already taken care of. Alexandria itself is a […]

Algiers – Travel

ALONG the historic coasts of Portugal passes the steamer. Cape after cape juts out to sea, St. Vincent and Trafalgar, both the scene of epoch-making sea fights. The second day out from Lisbon brings us under the frowning cliffs of Gibraltar, the Rock that has occupied the imaginations of men for so many centuries. I […]

Beirut – Travel

That sail southward through the Aegean Sea, balmy, sunny, and dotted eyerywhere with the Greek Islands, will be a delight and a precious memory of your cruise. Indeed the classicists among us raved themselves quite mad over it and one of them had to be led to his cabin in hysterics. Leaving the Dardanelles, that […]


The end of a purely Dalmatian pilgrimage will be Cattaro. He who goes further along the coast will pass into lands that have a history, past and present, which is wholly distinct from that of the coast which he has hitherto traced from Zarawe might say from Capo d’Istria—onward. We have not reached the end […]

Corsica And Elba

AFTER leaving Palma, we sail on to Port Mahon in Minorca and there take a ship for Ajaccio (a-yat’ cho) on the French island of Corsica. Ajaccio is the capital of Corsica, and is especially noted because it is the town in which Napoleon was born. The city has several statues to its great hero, […]


Situate on the left bank of the Boita, which here runs nearly due north and south, with the Tre Croci pass opening away behind the town to the east, and the Tre Sassi Pass widening before it to the west, Cortina lies in a comparatively open space between four great mountains, and is therefore less […]

From Valletta to Port Said

WE were anchored in the interesting harbor of Valletta for four days, and during that time Timmie and I went ashore together several times. One morning Timmie remained on board the transport, that Mr. Casey could go ashore, and I remained that same afternoon. Our chief master-at arms thought that one day ashore was enough […]

Gibraltar – Naples – Pompeii – Rome

March 3d.-We arrived here last evening about seven o’clock, after a voyage of thirty-seven hours from Lisbon, in the steamer Malaga, a good little vessel of eight hundred tons, with a fine English captain weighing many ” stone,” and a steady crew. For the first time for many a month I met joints and mealy […]

Gibraltar – Tangier

March 20th.—We are again in Gibraltar. After dining with Mr. and Mrs. Winthrop Chanler, where we met among other guests Minister Porter and his daughter, Miss Broadwood, Mr. and Mrs. Terry, and Mr. Dougherty, we prepared for our departure from Rome. We took an early train for Naples to meet the steamer Oroya, on which […]