Discovery Of Australia

The insular region, of continental size, once known as New Holland, probably was first discovered by a Portuguese navigator in 1601, though certain French maps of 1542 claim to contain the country under the name of Jave la Grande, the discovery at that date, if true, being still due to the Portuguese. In 1606, Torres, […]

Western Australia And Tasmania

LEAVING Port Darwin, we sail westward into the Indian Ocean and then southward along the state of Western Australia. We cross valuable pearl-fishing grounds and pass by Kimberley, where there are extensive gold mines and rich pastures. We do not stop, but sail on and on farther south. The water is smooth, and we now […]

Australia – A Land Of Strange Plants And Animals

LEAVING Melbourne we travel for days north and south over the country, avoiding the great cities and exploring the wilds. Now we are climbing the beautiful mountains which run along back of the coast, lingering in valleys bedded with ferns of all sizes. There are fern trees so high we can climb them, and, what […]

Gold Mining In Australia – Ballrat – Melbourne

HOW would you like to find a gold nugget as big as a football and weighing as much as yourself ? Several such lumps have been found near Ballarat where we now are, and who can tell what we may see if we wander about through the hills ? The earth of about one half […]

Queensland – The Pearl Fisheries – The Great Barrier Reef

WE have come north to Brisbane, the capital of Queensland, and are about to start on a long sea journey around the Australian continent. Brisbane is a fine city on the Brisbane River, eighteen miles from its mouth, but the stream is deep and there are ocean steamers at anchor right in the city. It […]

Among The Aborigines Or Native Australians

WE have waved good-by to our pearl-diving friends at Thursday Island, and are now sailing westward along northern Australia. The captain has stretched canvas over the deck, for the tropical sun is terribly hot, and the water reflects its rays in a blinding glare. The sea is like glass, and our vessel moves through it […]

Sheep And Wool In Australia

THE annual sheep show is going on in Sydney. The city is full of squatters, as sheep farmers are called, and we can see sheep from all parts of the continent and from Tasmania and New Zealand as well. Sheep so thrive in this latitude that Australasia, made up of Australia and its neighboring islands, […]

South Central Australia And The Great Central Desert – Adelaide

WE have returned to Sydney and are now on our way to Adelaide, the capital of South Australia. The trip is a long one, but we have sleeping cars and can spend day and night comfortably in the train. The weather is warm, and the dust makes us thirsty. We ask for a drink, and […]

In Sydney, The New York of Australia

BEFORE we begin our exploration of Sydney, let us stop a moment and think where we are. We are away south of the Equator on the other side of the globe. It was winter when we left the United States. It is summer here in Australia. Our watches are all wrong and we must change […]

General View Of Australia

THIS book will describe the tour of a party of boys and girls around the world on the lookout for strange lands and strange peoples. Every child who reads it shall be one of the party. He must forget, for the time, that he is in America and imagine himself with us in those far-away […]