A Glimpse Of Vienna

RICHTER thought people could not have a better time in Paradise than in Vienna. A boulevard nearly seventy feet wide circles the city like a loop, and consists of three streets abreast, separated by two car tracks, while on the outer side of these a broad bridle;path is shaded by two rows of trees. This […]

Austria And Hungary

Reference has already been made to the attitude of Hungary, in the article on Hungary and Her Neighbors, toward Austria, and what is true of Hungary is to a less extent true of Bohemia and the Polish section of the empire. In fact, Austria-Hungary is held together by a rope of sand, and there is […]

Discovering The Niger

WAWRA is a small town surrounded with high walls, and inhabited by a mixture of Mandingoes and Foulahs. The inhabitants employ themselves chiefly in cultivating corn, which they exchange with the Moors for salt. Here, being in security from the Moors, and very much fatigued, I resolved to rest myself, and meeting with a hearty […]

Fourteen Months Abroad – Botzen, Austria

October 10.—We left Innsbruck yesterday in haste at 10:28, reaching this city at 2:30 in the afternoon. Hotel Kaiserhof did her best to keep us, but we were determined to leave, as we felt sure the day would be fine. I knocked on the window to let the Portier know that we wished to go. […]

Fourteen Months Abroad – Innsbruck, Austria

October 8.—The absence of sunshine during our stay of about a week in Munich did not make us unhappy, but now we felt that we must have it for the mountain journey that was before us. There was an appearance of clearing when we left Munich at 8:25 this morning. The scenery was not interesting […]

From Innsbruck to Ober-Ammergau

WE didn’t stop in the pretty little village of Zirl, but set out north on the great high road over the mountains, hoping to accomplish much before night came on or we were worn out with our walking. It was a hard afternoon’s work that we went through with. Our road was uphill most of […]

Journey Through Eastern Bohemia And Moravia To The Danube.

Our road the first two days after leaving Prague, led across broad, elevated plains, across which a cold wind came direct from the summits of the Riesengebirge, far to our left. Were it not for the pleasant view we had of the rich valley of the Upper Elbe, which afforded a delightful relief to the […]

Rivalry Of Austria And Prussia

Humiliated and worn by the many insurrections within the borders of her conglomerate Empire, Austria began to lose power and influence in Europe, and gradually fell from that high place which once she had held as the arbiter of Europe. The chance then came to Prussia to assert herself as the leader of the thirty-eight […]

Salzburg – Austria

Aside from Venice, there are only two large cities in Europe that hold for me any charm-London and Naples. Of the smaller towns, those which, while no longer villages, have yet not reached the point where charm is merged in bigness, there are, perhaps, a score that are still delightful, and of these Salzburg stands […]

St. Stephen’s Cathedral – Germany And Austria

Of the chief objects of architecture which decorate street scenery in Vienna, there are none, to my old-fashioned eyes, more attractive and thoroughly beautiful and interesting—from a thousand associations of ideas than places of worship, and of course, among these, none stands so eminently conspicuous as the mother-church, or the cathedral, which in this place, […]