Europe – Belgium

Belgium is a busy hive. Its people are crowded together and are very industrious. The farmers and truck gardeners have reduced agriculture to a fine art and the lace workers are famous for their skill. Nowhere did I see man’s faithful friend, the dog, utilized, as in Belgium. He helps to haul the carts along […]

Fourteen Months Abroad – Antwerp, Belgium

August 10.-Canterbury was too charming a place to leave, but we were obliged to hasten away, taking the train for the white chalk cliffs of Dover, the boat for Ostend, and again the cars for this city. Now we are in Belgium close by another great cathedral. August 11.-Hotel des Flandres opened its doors to […]

Fourteen Months Abroad – Brussels, Belgium

July 21.-After supper last evening I went out alone and bought souvenir postcards of Antwerp and Brussels. The Gare du Nord (railway station) was brilliantly illuminated by gas. This morning has been devoted to the boulevards, on which we rode nearly around the city. Brussels, sometimes called the Paris of the North, is certainly a […]

A Walking Tour In The Eifel And Moselle Districts

SEVEN years later, Mr. J. L. Roget, who in the meantime had completed his studies at Cambridge and was now following the profession of the law at Lincoln’s Inn, took a short trip on the Continent, of which he has left a detailed account. This time the circumstances were somewhat different, as this was principally […]

Belgium – The Town Of Bruges In General

THE town of Bruges itself is more interesting, after all, than almost any one thing in it. Vary your day by giving up the morning to definite sightseeing, and devoting the afternoon to strolls through the town and neighbourhood, in search of picturesqueness. I subjoin a few stray hints for such casual rambles. Set out […]

Belgium – Churches Of Bruges

THE original Cathedral of Bruges, St. Donatian, was destroyed, as we saw, by the French, in 1799; but the town still possesses two fine mediæval churches of considerable pretensions, as well as several others of lesser importance. Though of very ancient foundation, the two principal churches in their existing form date only from the most […]

Belgium – The Academy Of Bruges

THE Académie des Beaux-Arts, which formerly occupied the Poorters Loodge, or Guild Hall of the citizens within the gates, has a small but valuable collection of pictures, removed from the destroyed Cathedral of St. Donation and other churches of Bruges, which well repays a visit. You will here have an excellent opportunity for studying Jan […]

Belgium – Surroundings Of Brussels

THE only excursion of interest in the immediate neighborhood of Brussels is that to Laeken (recommended), which may be taken by tram from the Inner Boulevards, the Gare du Nord the Gare du Midi, Bourse, etc. Cars run every ten minutes. The modern Church of St. Mary at Laeken is a handsome unfinished building. A […]

Belgium – Catherdral Of Antwerp

THE first thing to see at Antwerp is the High Church of Our Lady, once the Cathedral, and still commonly so called, though it is not now a bishop’s see, but part of the diocese of Malines. It is a fine early and middle Gothic church, with a late Gothic or flamboyant tower; but, relatively […]

Belgium – Origins Of Antwerp

The seaport of the Schelde estuary, is practically the youngest and the least interesting of the great Belgian towns. It should therefore be visited last by the historically-minded tourist. A small town, known in Flemish as Antwerpen (“at the Wharf “), —a name altered in French and English into Anvers and Antwerp, — existed here, […]