A Pen Picture Of Bruges – France And The Netherlands

It is the quaintest and prettiest of all the quaint and pretty towns I have seen. A painter might spend months here, and wander from church to church, and admire old towers and pinnacles, tall gables, bright canals, and pretty little patches of green garden and moss-grown wall, that reflect in the clear quiet water. […]

A Walking Tour In The Eifel And Moselle Districts

SEVEN years later, Mr. J. L. Roget, who in the meantime had completed his studies at Cambridge and was now following the profession of the law at Lincoln’s Inn, took a short trip on the Continent, of which he has left a detailed account. This time the circumstances were somewhat different, as this was principally […]

About Belgium – Origin Of The Belgian Towns

THE somewhat heterogeneous country which we now call Belgium formed part of Gaul under the Roman Empire. But though rich and commercial even then, it seems to have been relatively little Romanized ; and in the beginning of the fifth century it was over-run by the Salic Franks, on their way toward Laon, Soissons, and […]

Adventure in the Royal Palace at Brussels

WHEN I arrived in Brussels from Ghent, I found myself in a city which was very different from the others I had seen in Belgium. The capital has lost the primitive style which so many of the other towns retain, and has become a second Paris. I was successful in finding a lodging which made […]

After Antwerp

THE capture of Antwerp is the culminating point of the Belgian tragedy. But the end has not come yet, nor the beginning of the end. The Belgian Government retired to Le Havre, and maintained the continuity of the machinery of government with the fiction of exterioriality. The main Belgian army retired to the coast and […]

Antwerp – France And The Netherlands

These are the centers around which the modern world has revolved, for we must include its commercial with its social progress, and with those interests which develop with society. Indeed, the development of the arts has always run concurrently with commerce. One could wish to add that the converse were equally true. Antwerp— the city […]

Battle Of Malines

I WAS present at the battle of Malines with my friend, M. Emile Vandervelde, Secretary of State, and Mr. Powell, correspondent of the New York World. I was the only British war correspondent to witness the two days’ engagement, from the inspiring forward march on the first day until the no less impressive retreat on […]

Belgium – Antwerp Picture Gallery – Hall Of The Ancient Master

THE chief object of interest at Antwerp, even more important than the Cathedral itself, is the Picture Gallery, regally housed in a magnificent Museum at the south end of the town. The building alone might make Trafalgar Square blush, if Trafalgar Square had a blush left in it. To this collection you should devote at […]

Belgium – Antwerp Picture Gallery – The Rubens Room

NOW, go straight through Rooms H, F, and E, to three rooms en suite, the last of which is Room A, containing the Transitional Pictures. (It is usual to skip these insipid works of the intermediate age, and to jump at once from the School of Van Eyck to the School of Rubens — I […]

Belgium – Brussels – The Upper Town

FROM the Grand Place, two main lines of streets lead toward the Upper Town. The first, which we have already followed, runs straight to the Cathedral ; the second, known as the Rue de la Madeleine and then as the Montagne de la Cour, mounts the hill to the Place Royale. The city of the […]