Madonna Of St. Luke Church – Bologna

The Church of the Madonna of St Luke; so named, as being the repository of the painting representing the Virgin and Child, said to be executed by that Apostle. The church is situated on the summit of Monte Guardi, commanding a most extensive and beautiful prospect. In one direction the view is bounded by the […]

Academy Of Painting And Sculpture Bologna

A very fine Descent from the Cross, by Cignani, some-times styled Tiarini. The figures are considerably smaller than life, which might be supposed to hurt the general effect, but the composition is so perfect as to leave no feeling on the mind but that of admiration. The drawing and colouring of our Saviour’s body are […]

Route To Bologna – Italy

We left this pretty little city of Parma, with considerable regret, as there were many objects of interest, especially many fine paintings, which we had not visited. The early fall of night in the southern climates greatly adds to the difficulties of a traveller whose time is limited. We began our journey before the dawn, […]

Bologna – Italy

Profiting by the freshness of morning, we left Modena early. As you approach nearer to the hills, the country becomes finely varied; and now, at the distance of six miles from the city, nothing can surpass the fertility and beauty of the surrounding scenery. Bologna is situated in a fertile valley, near the foot of […]

Cathedral Bologna

I shall now proceed to take a slight view of the paintings of some of the churches of Bologna, beginning with the Cathedral. The exterior of this edifice, which is not of ancient date, is not recommended by any particular merit, and has a dome according to the French manner, to me most offensive; but […]

Church Of St. Dominic – Bologna

The dome of the sixth chapel of this church, executed in fresco by Guido, is esteemed one of the finest works of this celebrated master. The roof forms a semicircular arch, in the centre of which St Dominic is represented ascending into paradise, received by our Saviour on the one hand, and the Virgin Mary […]