About Boston – The Commons

Boston Common has given to Boston individuality. Standing practically untouched and unbroken, in the very heart of the city, it represents the permanence of ideals. And it has always rep-resented liberty, breadth, uniqueness of standpoint. One gathers the impression that the people of Boston will retain their liberty so long as they retain their Common, […]

Boston – A House Set On A Hill

It was Oliver Wendell Holmes who remarked that the Boston State House is the hub of the solar system, and that you could not pry that out of a Boston man if you had the tire of all creation straightened out for a crowbar. And that is really the standpoint of Bostonians, Nothing else can […]

Boston – A Picturesque Bostonian

He was most prominent Bostonian of Revolutionary days, the Boston man who loomed the largest and still looms most important, was the splendidly dressed John Hancock, and his home, up near the summit of Beacon Hill, was a radiant center of wealth and society. But that home, so typical of the finest and choicest old-time […]

Boston – A Town That Washington Wanted To See

The ancient Wayside Inn, at Sudbury dates from the latter years of the 1600’s; it is believed that at least a good part of it was built in 1688; and it was swell-known stopping place for generations before Longfellow put it into delightful verse. It stands on one of the main roads leading from the […]

Boston – A Woman’s City

The Sunday observance law which John Hancock found, to his annoyance, could be invoked even against a man of power, provided that “all persons profaning the Lord’s Day by walking, standing in the streets, or any other way breaking the laws made for the due observance of the a Lord’s Day, may expect the execution’ […]

Boston – Adventures In Pure Romance

NATHANIEL HAWTHORNE, master of the imaginatively romantic, tried to make his very life one of actual romance, and never more so than when, with the fire as if of romantic youth, although he was then well on toward forty, he flung him-self and his little fortune into the adventure of Brook Farm. Throughout his life […]

Boston – Colleges Red And Common Green

To people in general, away from Boston, Harvard means Cambridge and Cambridge Harvard the names are used as if practically interchangeable; although, as a matter of fact, every one knows that there is at least something in Cambridge that is not included within the university—for is there not the home of Longfellow ! Another general […]

Boston – Copp’s Hill And Old North Church Region

The North End earliest became the most populous part of the Town as well as the first seat of Boston gentility, and about it longest clung the distinctive Old Boston flavor. This flavor remained, indeed, well into the nineteenth century, long after its transformation into the foreign quarter it now essentially is, a little Italy […]

Boston – Down Wapping Street And Up Bunker Hill

Over in that old part of Boston still known as Charlestown, there is a little quaint and wavering street, shabby and irregular; it is a street that arouses an odd sense of interest, and the interest is added to by the signs which you read in the windows of the shabby little shops. “Everything from […]

Boston – Famous Old Seaport Of Salem

In the minds of many, Salem is chiefly notable on account of Hawthorne; in the minds of others the city is equally notable on account of the witches; yet most of the Salem people themselves do not relish any talk of witches; in their treatment of which unfortunates, after all this city only followed the […]