Hispanic Nations – Republics Of The Caribbean

THE course of events in certain of the republics in and around the Caribbean Sea warned the His-panic nations that independence was a relative condition and that it might vary in direct ratio with nearness to the United States. After 1906 this powerful northern neighbor showed an unmistakable tendency to extend its influence in various […]

Impressions Of Trinidad

It  is a large town with a fine plaza, all aflood with sunshine. From our hotel windows I could see a fine old church and a large and rather artistic castle or fort filled with soldiers. As it was Sunday morning, I slipped into the old church for a prayer, in which Samuel, as a […]

The Fall From Grace In Haiti

THE experiment made by the United States in Haiti has burned itself into the souls of all Central Americans. Mexico in particular has special grounds for apprehension. President Zamor of Haiti was put through the mill which is now believed to be awaiting some Mexican President less resolute and powerful than Obregón. He was offered […]

Tour Of The Caribbean – A Glance at the Map

FROM Trinidad, twice in the year, a special steamer starts for a cruise among the West Indian islands. Before embarking upon such a voyage it is well to take a glance at the map, in order to appreciate the remarkable disposition of land and sea in this part of the globe. A crowd of islands, […]

Tour Of The Caribbean – A Harbour Entry

IT is a romantic and even tragic entry, the entry into the lagoon-like harbour of San Juan. There are many San Juans in these seas, but this is San Juan Bautista, the capital of the island of Puerto Rico. The island was discovered by Columbus on his second voyage, and was colonised by the Spaniards […]

Tour Of The Caribbean – A Mysterious Ship

FOR many and many a year in Barbados the cry of ” A sail in sight” would send a thrill through the settlement. It was a cry which emptied the little school-house of its boys, impelled the shopkeeper to clap on his wig and hasten to the beach, and led the planter among the canes […]

Tour Of The Caribbean – Admiral John Benbow

IN the old Parish Church of Kingston there lies buried Admiral John Benbow. His grave, near by the chancel rails, is covered with a large black stone, embellished with a coat of arms. At the time of my visit this stone was hidden by the wreckage of the earthquake, but it was not difficult to […]

Tour Of The Caribbean – Barbados

THE Royal Mail steamer reaches Barbados at daybreak. On the present occasion of her coming the sun had just risen, yet there was still a full moon shining, like a disc of steel, in the grey. The steamer crept to her buoy in Carlisle Bay, and by the growing light there could be seen an […]

Tour Of The Caribbean – Captain Kid

ESPANOLA is associated with a critical period in the life of that picturesque pirate, Captain Kidd. William Kidd was a native of Greenock, and a reputable seaman who traded industriously along the American coast. He was so much respected by those who knew him that in 1695 he was entrusted with a commission to suppress […]

Tour Of The Caribbean – Cartagena Harbour

SOME twenty-two hours suffice for the passage from Colon to Cartagena, the most wonderful and picturesque city on the Spanish Main. As first seen, when approached from the south, it may be a city fashioned by enchantment. A ridge of low hills comes down to the sea, to a point far out from the land, […]