Hispanic Nations – Republics Of The Caribbean

THE course of events in certain of the republics in and around the Caribbean Sea warned the His-panic nations that independence was a relative condition and that it might vary in direct ratio with nearness to the United States. After 1906 this powerful northern neighbor showed an unmistakable tendency to extend its influence in various […]

Tour Of The Caribbean – Captain Kid

ESPANOLA is associated with a critical period in the life of that picturesque pirate, Captain Kidd. William Kidd was a native of Greenock, and a reputable seaman who traded industriously along the American coast. He was so much respected by those who knew him that in 1695 he was entrusted with a commission to suppress […]

Tour Of The Caribbean – The Islanders

THE negro population of Barbados have learnt stern lessons on such subjects as the survival of the fittest, the effects of a generous birth-rate and the limitations of an island. They have crowded the fatherland to its brink, have grubbed up and tilled every yard of its surface, and have only left it when they […]

Tour Of The Caribbean – The Planters and the Poor Whites

IT is in Barbados that will be found the most substantial relics of the old West Indian aristocracy, of the planter prince who, in the days of slavery and dear sugar, held court in the island with all the pomp and circumstance of a feudal lord. Here, still clinging to the same broad acres, are […]

Tour Of The Caribbean – The Day When The Sun Stood Still

THE most terrible day in the annals of Barbados was a certain Sunday of May in the year 1812. The night had been intensely dark, no star had been visible, while those who were unable to sleep heard mysterious sounds as of distant thunder or of the firing of cannon. The many who were restless […]

Tour Of The Caribbean – A Mysterious Ship

FOR many and many a year in Barbados the cry of ” A sail in sight” would send a thrill through the settlement. It was a cry which emptied the little school-house of its boys, impelled the shopkeeper to clap on his wig and hasten to the beach, and led the planter among the canes […]

Tour Of The Caribbean – San Juan, Puerto Rico

THREE years after Drake’s departure another Englishman looked in at San Juan of Puerto Rico. The visitor on this occasion was the Right Honourable the Earl of Cumberland, M.A. Cambridge, and pirate. He was the admiral of a large privateering expedition which had sailed out of Plymouth harbour on March 6, 1598. The fleet consisted […]

Tour Of The Caribbean – San Juan of Today

Puerto Rico is a Spanish city of dashing colours, very pleasant to see as it breaks into view when entering the harbour. The houses are packed together within the great black wall, there being but little green to relieve the pile of many-windowed, many-towered stucco and stone. The narrow streets are paved and clean, and, […]

Tour Of The Caribbean – Casa Blanca

THE walled capital of Puerto Rico will be for ever associated with the life and times of that most romantic adventurer, Juan Ponce de Leon. This picturesque Castilian was a soldier of fortune, who had already served in many campaigns before he embarked with Columbus on his second voyage in 1493. Ponce de Leon in […]

Tour Of The Caribbean – San Domingo

THE city of San Domingo lies on the south side of Espanola, the same being a gracious-looking island, mountainous and green. The city stands upon a mud-coloured cliff at the mouth of a small river. The ship anchors at a cautious distance, and as she rolls to the great ” swell and scend of the […]