China – New Era (continued)

Official Classes Now Responsive. In reviewing first of all the hopeful features of the situation, let us observe the complete change of attitude toward Western civilization and Christianity on the part of the official classes. To appreciate this change we should recall their former attitude. Let us remember that the combined foreign powers had to […]

China – New Era

China the Climax of Change. China furnishes the climax of the new era in Asia. The recent changes are more vast, sudden, and complete than in any other land. The new era stands out in violent contrast to the old. From the most corrupt and autocratic of absolute governments, China has swung to an extreme […]

China As She Was

The contrast between the China of antiquity—hoary with age—and the new China —just awakening into life—is so great as to suggest the treatment of the two periods in different articles. And if the contrast between China of yesterday and the China of today is great, what shall we say of the contrast between the Flowery […]

Chinese Education, Religion And Philosophy

Chinese education has been very much overestimated. The literati have boasted of the antiquity of the government and educational system, the invention of the compass, the printing press and of gun-powder, and the western world has been inclined to concede their claims, but these claims will not bear investigation. The government is ancient, but it […]

China’s Awakening

In what I have said of the Chinese government, system of education. religion and superstitions, I have referred to the nation as it has been for some twenty centuries—chained to tradition, stagnant, asleep. Society was stratified; those in power seemed to have no higher aspiration than to live upon the labor of the masses, and […]

Chinese Exclusion

If every American could visit China, the question of Chinese immigration would soon be settled upon a permanent basis, for no one can become acquainted with the Chinese coolie without recognizing the impossibility of opening the doors of our country to him without injustice to our own laboring men, demoralization to our social ideas, injury […]

China As She Was – Part II

In the first article on China, reference was made to some of the characteristics of the Chinese, but the subject was not exhausted—in fact, it would require several articles to exhaust this subject, and attention can only be given to those traits or customs which are in most violent contrast with our own. Chinese society […]

A Glimpse of the Edge of China

AFTER a few days ” upcountry ” Howard and I returned to Manila, and I began to make preparations to start on my homeward journey. I had expected that Timmie would leave the transport and return home with me, but he and Mr. Casey called to see me one day and explained that the plan […]

Canton, a Typical Chinese City

ONE day was sufficient for me to visit the principal points of interest in Hong-Kong, and on the morning following my arrival I boarded a steamer for Canton, one of the most typical of Chinese cities. There is a fine line of vessels running between the two cities, and the accommodations would have been creditable […]