Ancient Egypt

We have been moving among the oldest monuments reared by man, and they make the rest of the world seem young. In Japan a Buddhist temple, built twelve hundred years ago, impressed us with the youthfulness of American institutions; in China we were shown temples that had stood for twenty centuries and were told of […]

Egypt – Administration

BASED on the treaties, firmans, and accomplished facts noticed in the previous chapter, the present Government of Egypt consists of—the Khedive. The formal work of administration is carried on through a Privy Council and eight Ministers, nearly as originally organised by Mehemet All, who in the machinery of government as in most else revolutionised everything, […]

Egypt – Agriculture

ALTHOUGH anciently as famous for her manufactures as for her husbandry, in all modern time the latter alone has been the staple industry of Egypt. Her old skill in the productive arts, which once surpassed that of Sidon and Tyre, has long been forgotten, and in the almost complete absence of mineral resources, for more […]

Egypt – Cities And Towns

Although eight Egyptian towns are officially classed as “cities,” and form distinct governments (mohafzas) apart from the provinces to which they geographically belong, only two—Cairo and Alexandria—can be strictly called so in our European sense. The other six * do not properly rise above the rank of .towns, while of the 113 to which this […]

Egypt – Climate

THE acknowledged value of Egypt as a health-resort suggests some notice of its climatic peculiarities, which, although less markedly, have still in common with many other features of the country undergone some sensible changes within recent years. Subject to considerable local qualifications, the climate of Egypt may be generally described as hot and dry. The […]

Egypt – Commerce

HOWEVER the problem of Egyptian finance may ultimately solve itself, its difficulties have at least been in no way caused by any decline in the national trade. Not only has this, till within the last eighteen or twenty months, more than kept pace with the rapid growth of the revenue, but in most of its […]

Egypt – Egypt And The Porte

BEFORE proceeding to describe the administration and present condition of the territory and population thus noticed, it may be worth while to state briefly the elements of the problem involved in the international status now reached by Egypt and its ruler. We say problem, because not only is the relation of the Khedive to the […]

Egypt – Egypt As It Is Territory

” THERE is one Arab Power to which the eyes of all friends of Africa naturally turn with hopefulness. Egypt has ever been the great centre of African civilisation in the hands of the present dynasty, which may fairly be said to represent much that is excellent in European civilisation. Of the enormous increase of […]

Egypt – Fauna And Flora

Amongst the former, the camel ranks first as, next to the date-palm, the most characteristic feature in the whole natural panorama. From the sea to the cataract, this most eastern of animals meets the eye everywhere ; stalking with long noiseless stride, cargo-laden, through the narrow streets of Alexandria near the harbour ; or inland, […]

Egypt – Finances

THE finances of Egypt have followed the same law of growth which has ruled in nearly every economical feature of the country during the past forty years. In 1835 the revenue was estimated at 2,600,0001., and the expenditure at about 2,300, 0001., without any public debt whatever. In 1862, the last year of Saïd Pasha’s […]