England Prepared For The Reception Of Protestantism – Ireland Not

IT cost Elizabeth the greater part of her reign in time, and all the growing resources of a united England in material, to establish her spiritual supremacy in Ireland ; and yet, when, at her death, Mountjoy received orders to conclude peace on honor-able terms with the Ulster chieftains, her darling policy was abandoned, and […]

English Inns – Peacock Inn

THE way from Tewkesbury to Derby is through Burton and Birmingham, and that is a tale of a smoky, dull lookout. The air had become misty, and the sullen atmosphere of these great manufacturing cities had spread over all the intervening country. Of course we changed at Birmingham, but luckily we had no wait there, […]

English Inns – Hardwick Inn

THE Duke and Duchess of Devonshire are in Scotland,” was what the Invalid read reverently and interestedly from the court news. ” Then we can visit Hardwick Hall. How shall we get there? ” asked the Matron. ” By driving,” was the reply of the busy Treasurer. ” The distance is about ten miles. It […]

English Inns – The Peacock And Royal

Boston WE are actually on our way to Boston at last,” said the Matron. We had left nothing behind in Mansfield but a few shillings, and we rode on slowly as far as Nottingham, where we were obliged to change again. There were no lace curtains in the station at Nottingham, much to our disappointment. […]

English Inns – The Maid’s Head

Norwich THE first view of Norwich was slightly disappointing. The twilight was fading rapidly, and in the half-light the drive in the ‘bus to the Maid’s Head took us through streets which looked like any other street in any other city. An electric car which passed us made the resemblance to more common-place localities even […]

English Inns – At ‘The Three Crowns’

” We are on our way to ask a few questions. That always takes time,” we answer with dignity. Polly’s theory, built on bitter experience, is that the American manner of asking questions is not invariably understood in England; therefore, after several mishaps, she says she has invented a better system. It consists of fixing […]

English Inns – The Dukeries

BESS of Hardwick numbers among her descendants many of the most noble families of England. Within riding distance of the birthplace of their ancestress, the Duke of Portland, the Duke of Newcastle, and Earl Manvers, all members of the same distinguished family, have those great estates in and about Sherwood Forest, which are embraced under […]

English Inns – Clovelly

THERE being no other passengers, the coachman smiled respectful approval at us, while he wound his horn gaily, and off we started over Bideford bridge on our way to Clovelly. Bideford town lies stretched along the estuary more asleep than awake. The busy days of Sir Francis Drake have long departed. A few small coasting-vessels […]

English Inns – Clerk’s Hill Farm

Evesham WE shall not lack variety on our journey this morning,” announced Polly, when she came back from the ticket – office. ” We change three times between Bideford and Evesham, and unless we race after our luggage at each change, we shall surely share the fate of a young English friend, who once confidentially […]

Merrie England – A Town In The Chilterns

A QUAINT and ancient town is this Watlington. Its very name carries one back to British times when the Dobuni fenced their villages with trees cut down and laid across one another. The Saxons called this mode of fortification watelar; hence the place was” the town of the wattles” or ” hurdles.” A picture of […]