A Coach Journey From London To Edinburgh

AS an example of the ordinary means of inland travel in the old coaching days, with its little incidents and annoyances, we are able to give an account, also by Mrs. Catherine Roget, of a journey from London to Edinburgh, ten years later, again accompanied by her son and daughter, now aged fourteen and ten […]

A Glimpse Of Normandy

After a residence of five weeks, which, in spite of some few troubles, passed away quickly and delightfully, I turned my back on Paris. It was not regret I experienced on taking my seat in the cars for Versailles, but that feeling of reluctance with which we leave places whose brightness and gaiety force the […]

A Tour Through England and Scotland

AS the end of my stay in England drew near, I hurried about, trying to see as much as possible of the country. Though I spent most of my time in the great metropolis, I felt that I couldn’t be satisfied to start for the Continent without having seen something of the English country as […]

Abbotsford – Great Britain And Ireland

Abbotsford, after twenty years’ interval, and having then been seen under the doubly exaggerated influence of youth and the recent influence of Scott’s poetry, in some degree disappointed me. I had imagined the house itself larger, its towers more lofty, its whole exterior more imposing. The plantations are a good deal grown, and almost bury […]

Advice To A Young Man Upon First Going To Oxford

IT gives me sincere pleasure to hear that you have actually become a member of the University of Oxford. This satisfaction, perhaps, may in some degree be attributed to the pleasing recollection of my own Oxford life, but certainly it arises principally from anticipation of the substantial benefits which you, I trust, will derive from […]

Against Yielding To The Influence Of Numbers

MY DEAR NEPHEW, WHEN I advised you to fall in, so far as you reasonably can, with the wishes and inclinations of those with whom you associate, you understood, I trust, that compliance should never go so far, as to involve the slightest sacrifice of truth or of principle. When carried to this culpable extent, […]

Alnwick Castle – Great Britain And Ireland

A visit to Alnwick is like going back into the old feudal times. The town still retains the moderate dimensions and the quiet air of one that has grown up under the protection of the castle, and of the great family of the castle. Other towns, that arose under the same circumstances, have caught the […]

Along Till Side

FOLLOWING the course of a river is a pleasant but long business, and Till is a meandering stream. Often as a boy I listened to a rustic but highly intelligent native arguing that the flat green haughs above Etal and Milfield Plain must at one time have been submerged by a gigantic lake. Mr. G. […]

Amble To Cullercoats

THROUGH fertile fields the Coquet pursues its course to the sea from Warkworth. On the south of the wide estuary stands the busy town of Amble, and at high tide the gleaming waters and the shipping make a fine picture, whilst beyond on the heaving sea is Coquet Island with its conspicuous whitewashed lighthouse. Amble […]


IN a former letter I recommended to you certain modes of relaxation, having some connection with intellectual improvement. You will, perhaps, tell me that you want relaxation more entire and complete ; that the intellect requires perfect rest ; that you must have amusement in the strict etymological sense of the word. You may be […]