An Introduction To The Place We Call Europe

OUR earth is but as an atom in space, a star amongst stars. Yet, to us who inhabit it, it is still without bounds, as it was in the time of our barbarian ancestors. Nor can we foresee the period when the whole of its surface will be known to us. We have been taught […]

An Old-fashioned And Simple People

IN keeping with the picturesque surroundings of this little spot are the old-fashioned and simple ways of the people. The houses are built mostly of stone, or brick stuccoed, the roofs being covered with tiles made of burnt clay. All the trimmings—the door-knobs, locks, latches, hinges, and window-fastenings–are exceedingly primitive and massive, and the whole […]

Decadence Of Southern Europe

The fall of the Ottoman power in Europe began with the Treaty of Carlowitz in 1699, and during the Eighteenth Century Turkey continued to decline. A gleam of success came in 1715, when the Turkish arms recovered the Marea from Venice, but Austria assisted the republic, and Prince Eugene’s victories at Peterwardein and Belgrade in […]

Europe – Climate

THE influence exercised by the relief of the land and the configuration of the coasts varies in different ages, but that of climate is permanent. In this respect Europe is the most favoured region of the earth, for during a cycle of unknown length it has enjoyed a climate at once the most temperate, the […]

Europe – Extent And Boundaries

THE dwellers on the eastern shores of the Mediterranean Sea must have learnt, in the course of their first warlike and commercial expeditions, to distinguish between the great continents ; for within the nucleus of the ancient world Africa is attached to Asia by a narrow band of arid sand, and Europe separated from Asia […]

Europe – France And Her People

My call upon President Loubet was the most interesting incident of my visit to France. It was arranged by General Horace Porter, American ambassador to France, who conducted us to the Elysee pal-ace, which is the White House of the French republic. President Loubet is probably the most democratic executive that France has ever had. […]

Europe – Geographical Importance

IN the geography of the world the first place is claimed for Europe not because of prejudice like that of the Chinese, but as a matter of right. Europe as yet is the only continent the whole of whose surface has been scientifically explored. It possesses a map approximately correct, and its material resources are […]

Europe – Hungary And Her Neighbors

Southeastern Europe is out of the line of travel and little known to us, if I can measure the knowledge of others by my own. In order to learn something of this section we came northwest from Constantinople through Bulgaria, Servia and Hungary. We passed through European Turkey in the night, and morning found us […]

Europe – Inhabitants

A STUDY of the soil and a patient observation of climatic phenomena enable us to appreciate the general influence exercised by the nature of the country upon the development of its inhabitants; but it is more difficult to assign to each race or nation its due share in the progress of European civilisation. No doubt, […]

Europe – Natural Divisions And Mountains

Europe alluded to includes Franee, Germany, England, and the three Mediterranean peninsulas, and constitutes several natural divisions. The British Islands form one of these. The Iberian peninsula is separated scarcely less distinctly from the remainder of Europe, for between it and France rises a most formidable range of mountains, the most difficult to cross in […]