Following The Trail Of The Conquerors Of Old

IF you will take your geography and turn to the political map of Asia, you will observe what an isolated position Persia occupies. It is true that the warm waters of the Gulf of Oman and the Persian Gulf lap the southern shores of this country, lying between latitudes 25 and 39 degrees, but there […]

Asia – The Renaissance Of Asia

Decisive Pauline Voyage. During the recent war between Turkey and Italy we sailed one day through the gateway of the new world down the narrow strip of water that separates Europe from Asia. We had’ sailed through the ancient Hellespont, had passed the; ancient plain of Troy, where Homer’s heroes fought,’ and, further on, the […]

Awakening Of Asia

The largest of the continents is Asia. Its area is greater than that of both North and South America combined. Its population exceeds that of all the rest of the globe. There civilization had its earliest development, so far as investigation has been able to ascertain. The close of the Nineteenth Century sees it the […]

Singapore — End of the Voyage Near

WHEN the Eddy boys and Timmie and I landed at Johnston’s pier in Singapore; we found dozens of Chinese rikisha men anxious to pull us about the city, and as we knew almost nothing about the place, we followed our usual custom of riding around aimlessly, seeing what we could of the street-life and the […]

Through the Red Sea to Aden

OUR last day in the City of the Caliphs passed all too soon, and the hour drew near for us to leave for Ismailia. I dreaded the return to the dreary transport, and felt as if we were going back to prison. It had been so delightful in Cairo, so pleasant to go and come […]

Mid Oriental Squalor

THERE were two British men-of war at Aden, and we saw that we were again at a British coaling-station. Timmie said that England seemed to own every decent port on the way around the world, and this was evidently the case. Gibraltar and Malta dominate the Mediterranean, and Aden controls the entrance to the Red […]

Pleasant Days in Colombo

DURING our first evening in Colombo harbor I managed to get a little sleep before beginning my watch at twelve o’clock, and when I was through at four in the morning, I decided to go ashore instead of going to bed again. I was anxious to see something of the city while it was still […]

From Ceylon to Singapore

MR. CASEY had told us when we went up to Diyatalawa that the transport was due to leave Colombo for Singapore the following day, and this was indeed Captain Logan’s plan. But the passengers had been having such a good time in Ceylon that they persuaded him to wait one day longer, so we boys […]

In Ceylon’s Sunny Isle

IT was one o’clock in the afternoon when the green shores of Ceylon first came into view from the forcastle head, and a little later we picked up the pilot who was to steer the transport into the harbor. As we advanced within the great breakwater which forms the harbor of Colombo, every person on […]

Away to the Orient

FEW days later I observed another bit of news in the paper which interested me exceedingly. The transport Ingalls had been upset while in the dry-dock, and had sunk in Erie Basin. She had carried several workmen down with her, and altogether there was considerable excitement over the accident. I hurried to Brooklyn and tried […]