From Florence To Paris

WE leave Florence on one of those “perfect days that make imperfect things impossible,”—a balmy air, a cloudless sky, and such surroundings altogether as prompt one to regret the leaving. On the route to Paris the traveller passes through a region in Italy, for hundreds of miles, most admirably adapted to the cultivation of the […]

Florence – The Vecchio Bridge and the River Arno

This covered passage is one of the architectural curiosities of Florence. It runs over and under the roofs of other structures, one of which is that of a church. Starting from the top of the second flight of stairs in the Pitti Gallery, situated off to our left, as the map shows, it crosses this […]

Florence – Venus de Medici

This is one of the most perfect works of art in existence and was found in Hadrian’s Villa at Tivoli in the sixteenth century and brought to Florence in 1680. The fingers of the statue are modern, and a little inspection will convince you that they are rigid and affected and not in keeping with […]

Florence – The Impruneta

SAN FELICE IN EMA – SANTA MARGHERITA IN RIPOLI – TORRE DEL GALLO – CHURCH OF SAN LEONARDO THE Impruneta, famous for its black Madonna, is seven miles from the Porta Romana. One road branches off from the Via Sanese at the foot of the descent from the Convent of the Gaggio ; another and […]

Florence – Antella

A FINE autumnal day or afternoon in the early spring should be selected for the drive from the Porta San Nicolo by Ripoli to Antella, as a long stretch of road is entirely exposed to the sun. Leaving Florence by the Barrier of San Nicolb on the southern side of the Arno, the road to […]

Florence – Villa Demidoff – Poggio A Caiano

A COUPLE of hours beyond the Porta Prato, the road which follows the course of the Arno for a considerable part of the way, and passes through the long straggling villages of Peretola, Quarrachi, Petriolo, Brozzi, Campi, and San Donnino, leads to the Medicean Villa of Poggio a Caiano. Passing the Ponte aile Mosse, which […]

Florence – San Miniato Al Monte

AN easy and beautiful carriage road leads from the Porta San Nicolo to the church and cemetery of San Miniato. It may also be reached from the Porta Romana, but the steep path, the ` Via Crucis,’ from the Porta San Miniato, bordered by cypress trees, and having at intervals the emblem of the Cross, […]

Florence – Signa – La Vernia – Camaldoli – Vallombrosa

ABOUT two hours drive from Florence, on the way to Pisa, is Signa, situated where the hills almost meet, on either side of the Arno, and near where the river was at one time choked by an enormous mass of rock, called the Golfolina, which occasioned inundations of the Arno, Ombrone, and Bisenzio, over the […]

Florence – The Porta Romana – The Certosa

WHEN Castruccio Castracani, Lord of Lucca, in the year 1328 burnt and ravaged the country round Florence, and his army approached within three miles of the city in the direction of the river Greve, orders were issued by the Signory to strengthen the old walls of Arnolfo di Cambio towards the south, and to reconstruct […]