American Art In Florence

I have seen Ibrahim Pacha, the son of old Mehemet Ali, driving in his carriage through the streets. He is here on a visit from Lucca, where he has been spending some time on account of his health. He is a man of apparently fifty years of age; his countenance wears a stern and almost […]

An Adventure On The Great St. Bernard

WALKS AROUND FLORENCE Nov. 9.-A few days ago I received a letter from my cousin at Heidelberg, describing his solitary walk from Genoa over the Alps, and through the western part of Switzerland. The news of his safe arrival dissipated the anxiety we were beginning to feel, on account of his long, silence, while it […]

An Ascent Of The Great Dome – Florence, Italy

The traveler who, turning his back to the gates of Ghiberti, passes, for the first time, under the glittering new mosaics and through the main doors of Santa Maria Del Fiore experiences a sensation. He leaves behind him the facade, dazzling in its patterns of black and white marble, all laced with sculpture, he enters […]

Approach To Florence – Italy

After a residence of a few days we left Bologna, which we did not forsake without regret. Many circumstances in a peculiar manner tend to awaken attention in the traveller who visits this city. The singular beauty of the surrounding country, the high cultivation of science, its valuable possessions in the arts, as also the […]

Arnolfo, Giotto, Brunelleschi – Florence, Italy

Sometimes called di Cambio and sometimes di Lapi, was the first of the group of Cathedral builders in Florence. Who Arnolfo was seems to be scarcely known, tho few architects after him have left greater works or more evidence of power. His first authentic appearance in history is among the band of workmen engaged upon […]

Brethren Of The Misericordia

In this procession I recognized the sacred office of the Brothers of Misericordia, one of the earliest institutions of priestly charity; and perhaps the only national trait of ancient Florence which now remains. The principles of this order are founded on the basis of universal benevolence. A pure and primitive simplicity marks every feature and […]

Church Of San Lorenzo – Florence

In proceeding to offer a few observations on the churches of this city, I am induced to select San Lorenzo for my first subject, not so much as the most conspicuous in architecture, as from the peculiar interest it derives from its connection with the tomb of the Medici, which forms one of its chapels. […]

Dancing Fawn – Florence

The ancients seldom, I believe, chose ludicrous subjects; or only inferior artists in brass or metal, were accustomed to this lower style, the grotesque. But the Dancing Fawn does not come under this description: it is allied with their mythology, similar to their basso relievos of fawns, satyrs, and bacchantes, and is rather to be […]

Fiesole – Florence

To climb the mountain leading to the commanding site on which this city stood, to admire the distant prospect as it becomes in the rapid ascent more grand and extensive, and then to trace its ancient lines, to contrast its ruined remains with the living beauty, as it were, of the surrounding landscape, suggests matter […]

Florence – A well-curb by Michelangelo, Certosa Monastery

A better-fed and finer-groomed quartet of monks, judging from their appearance, could hardly he found in Italy than the group standing about that artistic well-curb, which is probably the most beautiful thing of its kind in the world and worthy of the great mind which designed it. Observe the delicate carvings which bring out so […]