From Florence To Paris

WE leave Florence on one of those “perfect days that make imperfect things impossible,”—a balmy air, a cloudless sky, and such surroundings altogether as prompt one to regret the leaving. On the route to Paris the traveller passes through a region in Italy, for hundreds of miles, most admirably adapted to the cultivation of the […]

Florence – Venus de Medici

This is one of the most perfect works of art in existence and was found in Hadrian’s Villa at Tivoli in the sixteenth century and brought to Florence in 1680. The fingers of the statue are modern, and a little inspection will convince you that they are rigid and affected and not in keeping with […]

Florence – The Vecchio Bridge and the River Arno

This covered passage is one of the architectural curiosities of Florence. It runs over and under the roofs of other structures, one of which is that of a church. Starting from the top of the second flight of stairs in the Pitti Gallery, situated off to our left, as the map shows, it crosses this […]

Florence – Michelangelo’s “David” in the Academy

This marvelous creation in the world of art was begun when the artist was but twenty-seven years of age. It required three years to complete the work. It was produced from a gigantic block of marble eighteen feet long which for fifty years had been considered utterly worthless on account of its having a bend […]

Florence – The tomb of Michelangelo

This is the last resting place of one who, all things considered, was the greatest man of his time ; a man who lived a life of many and checkered days, and who achieved in various directions more mightily and worthily than any of his fellows. In a council assembled to deliberate as to the […]

Florence – Pretraia – Castello – Ginori Porcelain Manufactory

RETURNING along the Via Vittorio Emanuele to the Palazzo Brucciato, and taking the central of the three roads which leads to Petraia and Castello, the first village is Rifredi, which in the fifteenth century was frequently devastated by the soldiers of the Free Companies and of Castruccio Castracani, when at war with Florence. The village […]

Florence – San Salvi

ABOUT a mile outside the Gate of Santa Croce stands the convent and church dedicated to San Salvi, a Bishop of Amiens who lived in the eleventh century. The convent was originally composed of Benedictine monks of the Vallombrosian Order, who remained there till the middle of the sixteenth century, when they were replaced by […]

Florence – The Impruneta

SAN FELICE IN EMA – SANTA MARGHERITA IN RIPOLI – TORRE DEL GALLO – CHURCH OF SAN LEONARDO THE Impruneta, famous for its black Madonna, is seven miles from the Porta Romana. One road branches off from the Via Sanese at the foot of the descent from the Convent of the Gaggio ; another and […]

Florence – Antella

A FINE autumnal day or afternoon in the early spring should be selected for the drive from the Porta San Nicolo by Ripoli to Antella, as a long stretch of road is entirely exposed to the sun. Leaving Florence by the Barrier of San Nicolb on the southern side of the Arno, the road to […]