About The Florida Ship Canal

Around the southern shores of the picturesquely-named Lake Tsala Apopka we return to the northbound trail and reach Dunellon and the Withlacoochie River. Dunellon is the center of the hard-rock phosphate mining district of Florida. While much less extensive than the phosphate mines farther south in Polk County, the output from the Dunellon district is […]

All About Florida Oranges And Grapefruits

The major reason why canned orange juice “tastes different” is that, to prevent it from discoloring by oxidation, it has to be deprived of most of its oxygen content before the cans are sealed. Much of the missing oxygen, and with it the missing taste of fresh orange juice, can be restored by aerating the […]

All About the Florida Citrus Industry

By the end of ten years of experience with a moderate degree of citrus control, the Florida growers were ready for more control. The legislature of 1935, acting upon the demand of the growers themselves, enacted laws creating a Citrus Commission, with power to enforce compulsory inspection and grading of all oranges, grapefruit and tangerines […]

Apalachicola, Florida and Vicinity

So great was the excitement in Spain over the discoveries in Peru, whence Pizzaro had returned with his ships filled with the golden treasure of the Incas, that the mere announcement that DeSoto, who had been one of Pizzaro’s lieutenants, was fitting out an expedition to Florida and offering shares in the venture to whomsoever […]

Army Engineers And The Florida Ship Canal

The route upon which the Army engineers agreed as being the most practical and feasible from every point of view was quite different from the one which many of the Florida advo cates of the canal had desired. It did not enter the Gulf of Mexico either at Cedar Key nor in the harbor of […]

Around Florida – Conquering The Everglades

We are getting down to the edge of the Everglades, and at the little town of Stuart, long popular with sportsmen as a fishing rendezvous, at the mouth of the St. Lucie River, we come upon the eastern terminus of the cross-state canal, which traverses the heart of that vast region. Thousands of pleasure craft […]

Around Florida – Daytona Beach and New Smyrna

Water sports of every kind (except skating and ice-boating) naturally play an important part in the picture of life in Daytona Beach, which is lived practically out-of-doors. The long reaches of the broad Halifax River, unobstructed by bridges except the few leading from the heart of the city’s business district on the mainland to the […]

Around Florida – Farming in the Everglades

The new water route has proved immensely popular and the people living around Lake Okeechobee and earning their livelihood from the Everglades muck-land feel, for the first time, as secure in their persons and property as human foresight can insure security. The Okeechobee dyke, as this is written, is in process of developing into what […]

Around Florida – Fort Pierce

This prosperous industry was ruined by the competition from the Isle of Pines and Cuba, especially after the East Coast Railroad had extended its lines to Key West and established its car-ferry between Key West and Havana. Much bitter criticism has been levied at the railroad for giving, as is often charged, preferential through rates […]

Around Florida – Historic St. Augustine and Daytona Beach

Forty-two years before Captain John Smith landed at Jamestown, and forty-seven years before the Dutch settled Manhattan, Pedro Menendez de Aviles and his Spaniards were building St. Augustine. For three hundred and seventy-two years St. Augustine has been continuously occupied by people speaking a European tongue. We look with veneration on the continuous records of […]