A Journey From Lausanne To London

WE are able to give a much fuller account of Mrs. Catherine Roget’s journey back to England than of the travels referred to in the last chapter, as she wrote a diary of the whole journey herself. The account below is but slightly abridged from the original, and much of it, in addition to the […]

A Visit To Paris

ALTHOUGH in the last chapter we have caught a glimpse of a steamboat in America, we have little to record of the gradual changes from sailing-ship to steamboat and from coach to train which had their inception since the days in which Dr. Roget’s continental journey of 1802–3 was made, as he made no very […]

Age Of Louis XIV

After the death of Henry IV, of France, in 1610 by the hand and dagger of Ravaillac, his son succeeded as Louis XIII, at the age of nine, the regent being the Queen-mother, Maria de’ Medici. A miserable time of court intrigues, factions, and internal disorders ensued until 1624, when the King gave himself up […]

Aigues-Mortes, France

The bus moved over a wide plain, under a grey lid of sky, like a dish-cover, tilted slightly so that a gleam of brightness showed underneath its southern rim. A few miles out from Nimes the driver stopped for no apparent reason, got down from his seat, and began to fiddle with the engine. After […]

Amboise – France And The Netherlands

The Castle of Amboise stands high above the town, like another Acropolis above a smaller Athens; it rises upon the only height visible for some distance, and is in a commanding position for holding the level fields of Touraine around it, and securing the passage of the Loire between Tours and Chaumont, which is the […]

Approach To Lyons – Lyons – Mosaic Pavement

We began our journey into Italy in the beginning of June 1817, and left Paris on our way to Fontainebleau. It was a beautiful morning. The air had been rendered peculiarly mellow and refreshing by a severe storm the preceding evening; and a bright sunshine cheered us on our way, shedding its pleasing influence on […]

Arles, France

The day I arrived in Arles was gorgeously hot and sunny. I had come by road across a plain rich with blossom, where it was hard to believe the mistral ever blew. Arles has a transpontine suburb, whose name sounds like the melodious clashing of tin cans—Trinquetaille. From Trinquetaille one crosses the swiftest river in […]

Ascent Of Mont Cenis

At a very early hour the next morning, we resumed our journey, though still uncertain of getting on. Leaving Lans-le-Bourg, we crossed the Soliglia on a low bridge, and now proceeded by the course of this stream, rapid and furious as the Arco. On the way we passed through a sweet and romantic village, which, […]

At the Great Paris Exposition

OUR month in London soon passed. I was kept busy with my newspaper work, and my friend found enough to do in visiting the various places of interest about the city. When I had an hour to spare, I looked up some of the people with whom I had become acquainted on my former visits. […]

Basilique De St. Denis

The Basilica of St. Denis, so-called today, built over the remains of the martyred St. Denis, is in a way the counterpart of the Cathedral of Reims, in that it also is intimately associated with the Kings of France. In the former they were, almost without exception, crowned; and here, at St. Denis, are the […]