The Spirit Of France

IT was in the summer of 1914 while the doctor and I were motoring through the Cathedral cities of England that our fancy took flight and projected a journey around the world. These plans, like many others, were soon to be knocked into a cocked hat; for, before we had left England, the war clouds […]

Age Of Louis XIV

After the death of Henry IV, of France, in 1610 by the hand and dagger of Ravaillac, his son succeeded as Louis XIII, at the age of nine, the regent being the Queen-mother, Maria de’ Medici. A miserable time of court intrigues, factions, and internal disorders ensued until 1624, when the King gave himself up […]

The Third French Republic

The history of France has been stormy since the Germans captured Paris. Her misfortunes did not end with the fall of the capital, and the loss of her border provinces. It is part of the normal order of French history that when an established government is overthrown and another is set in its place, this […]

Revolutions Of 1848

Early agitations followed the accession of Louis Philippe to the throne 0f France, but they were quickly suppressed, and prosperity followed during the eighteen years of his reign. It was, however, a prosperity of the middle classes the bourgeois, who ruled France instead of the nobles. The middle class was rapidly accumulating wealth, and was […]

Napoleon III And Italian Unity

Louis Napoleon ruled France as Napoleon III, Emperor of the French, for nearly eighteen years, from December, 1852, to September, 1870. It was a maxim of the Emperor that liberty never helped to make a durable political edifice; it could only crown a political edifice which time had consolidated. The Constitution which he bestowed upon […]

The Napoleonic Wars

One man filled the eyes of all Europe during the closing days of the Eighteenth and the beginning of the Nineteenth Centuries. Napoleon’s star began to rise, shone brilliantly and faded. During his struggle the occasion furnished opportunity to two other great men, Wellington and Nelson, to distinguish themselves. The careers of the three men […]

The French Revolution

The French Revolution of 1789 is by far the most important event of modern history. It was a great political earthquake which overthrew in France the whole fabric of public and social order, shook and trans-formed most of Europe, caused the greatest war, or series of wars, that mankind has ever waged, and produced effects […]

Fourteen Months Abroad – Paris, France

July 23.-We left Brussels at one yesterday afternoon and reached Paris at 6:30 last evening after an exhausting day and after passing through custom house tribulations. On the train we really suffered from the heat. Notwithstanding, I noticed the neat looking little country homes and the wild flowers. Again the grass and railroad banks were […]

Fourteen Months Abroad – Paris To Canterbury, England

August 1.-Paris is a beautiful, interesting city but we left it without a pang this morning at nine o’clock. At Amiens, on our way to Calais, we had a passing glimpse of the Cathedral which is one of the finest in Europe. The country homes interested me as they always do. They are mostly long […]

Fourteen Months Abroad – Nice, France

April 15.—Today we saw a continuation of much the same scenery that we greatly enjoyed between Spezia and Genoa. The scenery of the Riviera has not been exaggerated and we feel richly rewarded for all the fatigue of traveling. I am very, very glad that we have seen the coast of the Mediterranean. It is […]