The Thirty Years’ War

The great struggle known as the “Thirty Years’ War,” which desolated Germany, and finally settled the limits of Protestantism and Catholicism on the continent of Europe, began about 1618 and ended with the Treaty of Westphalia in 1648. The war was at first religious in its objects, as a struggle of Catholics against Protestants concerning […]

The German Empire

France had made war in order to undo the work of partial union of Germany effected by Prussia in 1866. It achieved the opposite result, for King William returned from the war Emperor of a united and satisfied Germany. The German Empire had been formed, realizing Bismarck’s long cherished dream. The troops of South Germany […]

Fall Of The Second Empire-Franco-German War

Meanwhile Napoleon III, in spite of his declaration that “the Empire is peace,” continued to interfere in foreign affairs in a way that insured the downfall of the political edifice he had reared. A few months after he had deserted the Italians, disorders of an aggravated character broke out in Syria and hundreds of Christians […]

Prussia And Frederick The Great

The Prussian monarchy, the youngest, and one of the greatest, of the chief European states, sprang from a humble origin. Her rise to first-rate importance in the European system, and her contest with Austria for a position of equality in Central Europe, are connected with some of the chief events of the Eighteenth Century. About […]

Politics – Germany And Socialism

At Berlin I found, as I had at London and Paris, a considerable number of Americans and, as in the other cities, they have organized a society, the object of which is to bring the American residents together for friendly intercourse. At London the group is known as the American Society; at Paris and Berlin […]

Fourteen Months Abroad – Bad Ktssingen, Bavaria

August 15.—Here we are at last, but feeling very tired and used up by the long journey from London. How long it seems since we left there (August 9). After a fatiguing and exciting day we reached here at 8 :15 last evening. Yesterday was most wearisome, partly because we had been traveling all the […]

Fourteen Months Abroad – Our Day On The Rhine

August 20.—I have been unable since our arrival here to write an account of our trip on the Rhine. That day (Aug. 13) on the delightful river will always be looked back upon with keen delight. Our bright anticipations were more than realized—the scenery being finer, to us, than that of our own Hudson river, […]

Fourteen Months Abroad – Nuremburg, Bavaria

September 29.—I can hardly believe that we are in this quaint old city among its ancient houses, towers and walls. We are at Hotel Bother Hahn (Red Cock), arriving here at 6:30 last night. On our journey we were badly shaken in the cars. At Zeil we saw a nice looking church upon a high, […]

Fourteen Months Abroad – Mayence, Germany

August 14.-After breakfast yesterday we walked to the steamer awaiting us on the Rhine, following our trunks and other luggage. It was a day never to be forgotten on the beautiful river. Pfalzerhof Hotel received us on our arrival here last evening. Before breakfast a regiment of soldiers passed the hotel. I was impressed by […]

Fourteen Months Abroad – Cologne, Germany

August 13.—We left Antwerp and its delightful chimes yesterday about noon, saying good bye to our kind hostess with sincere regret. The scenery of Belgium up to this time although interesting had been flat, but now began what we were told is the most beautiful scenery in Belgium, hilly and picturesque, from the town of […]