A German Idyl

Do you remember that little verse of Mrs. Browning — ” The little birds sang east, The little birds sang west, And I smiled to think how God’s greatness, Lies about our incompleteness, His rest about our restlessness ” ? I cannot get it out of my mind these lovely spring days, particularly as we […]

A Glimpse Of Wartburg

SUCH memories haunt the old Wartburg of Tannhaiser, of St. Elizabeth, and of Martin Luther, that truth and tradition are in open conflict. Be it fact or legend that the keeper tells, it is so interesting, the adulteration only adds to the flavor of the tale, and one swallows it all down unquestioningly, because here […]

A Look At The German Capital Berlin – Germany And Austria

The train spins along across great plains gilded by the setting sun; soon night comes; and with it, sleep. At stations remote from one another, German voices shout German names ; I do not recognize them by the sound, and look for them in vain upon the map. Magnificent great station buildings are shown up […]

A New View Of Germany And A Stop Over At Osnabruck

WERE we to believe implicitly all we read, to assimilate it without the proverbial grain of salt, what a strange idea we should get of people and their ways. Newspapers and periodicals have, for years, given us a diverting caricature of Germany. They picture it as the land of the absent-minded professor, the stolid beer-drinking […]

A Walk Through The Odenwald

We  are now comfortably settled in Frankfort, having, with Mr. Willis’s kind assistance, obtained lodgings with the amiable family, with whom he has resided for more than two years. My cousin remains in Heidelberg to attend the winter course of lectures at the University. Having forwarded our baggage by the omnibus, we came hither on […]

Adventures Among The Hartz

On taking leave of Carl at the gate over the Gottingen road, I felt tempted to bestow a malediction upon travelling, from its merciless breaking of all links, as soon as formed. It was painful to think we should meet no more. The tears started into his eyes, and feeling a mist gathering over mine, […]

Aix-La-Chapelle And Charlemagne’s Tomb – Germany And Austria

For an invalid, Aix-la Chapelle is a mineral fountain—warm, cold, irony, and sulfurous; for the tourist, it is a place for redouts and concerts; for the pilgrim, the place of relics, where the gown of the Virgin Mary, the blood of Jesus, the cloth which enveloped the head of John the Baptist after his decapitation, […]

Along the River Rhine

COLOGNE is a large city—the largest in Rhenish Prussia. The expulsion of the Jews and other events in the fifteenth century, when it was almost unexampled in prosperity, caused it to decline ; but now its numerous shops and busy thoroughfares indicate that it is once more in a flourishing condition. In my little guide-book […]

Arrival At Hamburg

WE arrived in Hamburg at 10.30 P.M., and although our steamer blew her powerful whistle at intervals, for an hour previous to landing, in tones sufficiently loud to waken the early sleepers from their profoundest slumbers, not a human being was to be seen on our arrival at the wharf. No cabs or conveyances of […]

Augsburg – Germany And Austria

In ancient times—that is to say, upward of three centuries ago—the city of Augsburg was probably the most populous and consequential in the kingdom of Bavaria. It was the principal residence of the noblesse, and the great mart of commerce. Dukes, barons, nobles of every rank and degree, became domiciled here. A thousand blue and […]