Progress Of Liberal Ideas

One people won freedom at about this time, when liberal ideas were being repressed by the powers of the Holy Alliance with the support of the old régime. The magic name of Greece aroused such sympathy among the peoples of the West that their governments were unable to resist it. Greece had been under the […]

Greece – Rambles Over Parnassus

You, my friends, as citizens of a free commonwealth have an interest in politics; I am certain you would like to hear how the election resulted. It seems that the opposition reinforced by vast promises and by disappointed place-hunters, carried the day against our friend Pappayohannes; but the paved roads have not been made, nor […]

Greece – Delphic Town

THE history of Delphi is a history of the spiritual life of Greece. The social and political changes of the country took place elsewhere, but their inner significance is best imaged in the mutations of the Delphic Oracle from its early importance to its cessation. It was the intense spiritual center; to it the fresh […]

Greece – Delphic Days

Apollo, says the legend, stopped at Delphi in his wanderings over the Earth, and set up his temple. He found here the miracle of Nature which sought expression through him, and which he was to fill with his own soul. Erecting his shrine, he began to form these hills and with them to transform man; […]

Greece – Political Parnassus

ARACHOBA is just now in the midst of a hot political contest over the election of Demarch. True to their ancient instincts, the Greeks of opposing political parties cannot live together without fighting one another; in fact if there were no supreme authority outside of the town, I believe that the successful party would banish […]

Greece – Delphic Oracle

LONG have we loitered at Arachoba, to some purpose it may be hoped. The town represents the old in the new more adequately than anything we have yet seen ; it gives the feeling of old Hellenic life still blooming as in the days of its youth. The ardent pursuit with which the journey started, […]

Greece – From Chaeroneia To Arachoba

As the pedestrian passes out of Chaeroneia, he will take no small delight in the fountain which comes gurgling down the hillside in a multitude of rillets like a bevy of babbling girls, and runs and hides in the grass of the plain. Nor will he at the view of it fail to re-member the […]

Greece – New Life Of Old Parnassus

THE first and simplest natural fact concerning Arachoba, and the one which impresses itself most strongly upon the mind of the traveler who has had to climb so long and laboriously, is that the town lies near the top of Parnassus. A very insignificant observation indeed, and in the eye of science almost valueless ; […]

Greece – Two Worlds Of Parnassus

THERE is a tone of rejoicing throughout the town this Saturday evening; the matron smiles, the maiden moves with a lighter grace, the old man tells a new story everybody seems to be looking forward to some new joy; what is the matter? A festival to-morrow; to-night the people are allowed to eat meat, and […]

Greece – Delphic Faun

AFTER lingering some days at Delphi, the traveler will feel a strong desire to wander over the mountain back of the town, and see with his own eyes what may be there, and not hear it merely from others. Already certain strolls have been taken in that direction, but now a whole Delphic day must […]