A Motor Trip To Delphi

It was inky dark. Some Greek and American friends had us out to dinner the evening before and we had stayed a little late. Morpheus seemed to me the one member of the Greek theogony worthy of wooing when a loud hammering on the door and shouts of ” five o’clock” tore me from his […]

A Tour Of Crete – Greece Travel

Crete lies between the parallels of 35 degrees and 36 degrees, not much farther removed from Africa than from Europe, and its climate, consequently, is intermediate between that of Greece and that of Alexandria. In the morning it was already visible, altho some thirty miles distant, the magnificent snowy mass of the White Mountains gleaming […]

A Winter In Athens Half A Century Ago – Greece Travel

Our sitting-room fronted the south (with a view of the Acropolis and the Areopagas), and could be kept warm without more labor or expense than would be required for an entire dwelling at home. Our principal anxiety was, that the supply of fuel, at any price, might become exhausted. We burned the olive and the […]

Across The Atlantic

The journey had as its principal destination Greece. Previous holidays in Europe had never included the Mediterranean, although there is no part of the world so rich in history and tradition as the countries that border the eastern end of that great inland sea. While trying to decide where to go I happened to see […]


THE eruptions of AEtna have blackened the whole land for miles in every direction. That is the first observation forced upon one in the neighborhood of Catania or Giarre or Bronte. From whatever point of view you look at AEtna, it is always a regular pyramid, with long and gradually sloping sides, broken here and […]

An Excursion To Sparta And Maina – Greece Travel

As we approached Sparta, the road descended to the banks of the Eurotas. Traces of the ancient walls which restrained the river still remain in places, but, in his shifting course, he has swept the most of them away, and spread his gravelly deposits freely over the bottoms enclosed between the spurs of the hills. […]

Archaeological Schools In Athens

ARCHAEOLOGY in Athens is almost as much of an immediate and universal interest as politics in Washington; and besides the Archaeological Society of the Athenians themselves, which is constantly rendering important services to the world of scholarship at large, Great Britain, America, France, and Germany maintain each a national school in the Hellenic capital for […]

Ashore In Greece

One arriving for the first time on the shores of Greece Patras is likely to be disappointing. The town is not in high repute as a tourist center, and many of the through passengers on the Presidente Wilson did not trouble themselves to go ashore. They were encouraged in their indifference by the Italian officers. […]


It is by virtue of scenery and situation, was predestined to be the mother-land of the free reason of mankind, long before the Athenians had won by their great deeds the right to name their city. the ornament and the eye of Hellas. Nothing is more obvious to one who has seen many lands and […]

Athens – Impressions Of The Capital

The Athens station was crowded with a hurrying, chattering throng, but we had no more than put our feet on the platform when two young men came forward to meet us. Outside they had a bright new Oldsmobile with an Egyptian driver who would have looked perfectly at home in the streets of Meridian, Mississippi. […]