Crossing The Pacific-Hawaii

There is rest in an ocean voyage. The receding shores shut out the hum of the busy world; the expanse of water soothes the eye by its very vastness; the breaking of the waves is music to the ear and there is medicine for the nerves in the salt sea breezes that invite to sleep. […]

Mauna Loa

Sixty miles south of Maui, Hawaii, largest of the island group, contains the two remaining parts of our national park. From every point of view Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea, both snow-crowned monsters approaching fourteen thousand feet of altitude, dominate the island. But Mauna Kea is not a part of the national park; Kilauea, of […]


Of the three volcanic summits which concern us, Haleakala is nearest the principal port of Honolulu, though not always the first visited. Its slopes nearly fill the southern half of the island of Maui. The popular translation of the name Haleakala is “The House of the Sun”; literally the word means “The House Built by […]

Hawaii National Park, Hawaiian Islands

IF this chapter is confined to the three volcano tops which Congress reserved on the islands of Hawaii and Maui in 1917, wonderful though these are, it will describe a small part indeed of the wide range of novelty, charm, and beauty which will fall to the lot of those who visit the Hawaii National […]

Hawaii – A Visit To A Volcano

WE are in the town of Hilo (he lo) this morning, on the island of Hawaii, about to visit Kilauea (ke-lou-a’a), one of the largest active volcanoes of the world. How rainy it is! The water comes down in torrents every few hours, and we go about our sight-seeing between the showers. Hilo lies on […]

Industries Of The Hawaiian Islands

WE have left Honolulu and are traveling about from island to island, now stopping at a sugar or coffee plantation, now spending the night in a grass hut with our brown island cousins, and now going on horse-back or foot through the mountains to look into volcanoes or tramp over craters long since dead. How […]

Hawaii – Honolulu

WE are again under the shadow of the American flag, and about to land upon American soil. We left Samoa one week ago, and are now far north of the Equator in the harbor of Honolulu at the crossroads of the northern Pacific Ocean. We saw something of the value of such a location while […]

Travel: The Hawaiian Islands

Two thousand one hundred miles southwest of San Francisco lie the Hawaiian Islands. No matter at what season of the year they are approached, their slopes always present the same graceful appearance of living green. They are situated just south of the Tropic of Cancer, and twenty degrees north of the equator. Perpetual summer, with […]