Battle Of Lackawaxen

Here is Shohola Township, on the Pennsylvania shore, a wild and rocky region fronting on the river for about ten miles, and Shohola Creek rushes down a rocky bed through a deep gorge to seek the Delaware. It was at this place the surveyors’ line was drawn from the Lehigh over to the Delaware, after […]

Two Battles Of Bull Run

The main route from Washington to the South crossed the Potomac, then as now, by the “Long Bridge,” passing in full view of the yellow Arlington House, fronted by its columned porch. This historic building was the home of General Robert E. Lee in his early life, the chief Confederate Commander during the Civil War. […]

Battlefield Of Gettysburg

In considering the great theatre of the Civil War, attention is naturally directed to the chief contest of all, and the turning-point of the rebellion, the battle of Gettysburg, fought at the beginning of July, 1863. After the victory at Chancellorsville in May the Confederates determined to carry the war north-ward into the enemy’s country. […]

Naragansett – Historic Landmarks

THE nature of the contest that ensued was such as too often distinguishes the warfare between civilized men and savages. On the part of the whites, it was conducted with superior skill and success; but with a wastefulness of the blood and a disregard of the natural rights of their antagonists; on the part of […]

Savannah – Historic Landmarks

It is pleasantly situated upon a sand-bluff, some forty feet above low-water mark, sloping toward swamps and savannahs at a lower altitude in the interior. It is upon the south side of the river, about eighteen miles from the ocean. The city is laid out in rectangles, and has ten public squares. The streets are […]

Harper’s Ferry – Historic Landmarks

IT was a wet Monday in October, on my return from a journey, with a large party of friends and acquaintances, as far north as Chicago and as far south as St. Louis and the Iron Mountains. We were gradually nearing home, and the fun and jollity grew apace as we got closer to the […]

Michilimacinac – Historic Landmarks

THE dispute with Great Britain had resulted in a declaration of war by the Congress of the United States; yet, notwithstanding an appeal to arms had been made by the infant republic, there appears to have been but little preparation made to carry it on. Not the least of the many subjects which appear to […]

Fort Du Quesne – Historic Landmarks

It  was situated on the east side of the Monongahela, on the tongue of land formed by the junction of that stream with the Alleghany. Though full of faults in its original construction, and small, it was built with immense labour, and it had ” a great deal of very strong works collected into very […]

St. John’s River – Historic Landmarks

THE account given by Laudonniere, himself, the leader of the Huguenots, by whom Fort Caroline was constructed, is as follows: After speaking of his arrival at the mouth of the river, which had been named the River May by Ribault, who had entered it on the first day of May, 1562, and had therefore given […]

The Settlement Of Jamestown – Historic Landmarks

ON December 19, 1606, the little company which was destined to succeed where so many had failed, sailed from the Thames in three small vessels. They were in all a hundred and five. The vessels were commanded by a Captain Newport. It was arranged that the names of the colonial council should be kept secret […]