Annapolis – Historic Landmarks

It is the capital of Maryland, was made the seat of government for that colony in 1688. Originally known as Providence, it received its present name in 1708, in honour of Queen Anne. It is beautifully situated on the Severn River, thirty miles south of Baltimore and forty miles northeast of Washington, commanding a fine […]

Battle Of Lackawaxen

Here is Shohola Township, on the Pennsylvania shore, a wild and rocky region fronting on the river for about ten miles, and Shohola Creek rushes down a rocky bed through a deep gorge to seek the Delaware. It was at this place the surveyors’ line was drawn from the Lehigh over to the Delaware, after […]

Battlefield Of Gettysburg

In considering the great theatre of the Civil War, attention is naturally directed to the chief contest of all, and the turning-point of the rebellion, the battle of Gettysburg, fought at the beginning of July, 1863. After the victory at Chancellorsville in May the Confederates determined to carry the war north-ward into the enemy’s country. […]

Fort Du Quesne – Historic Landmarks

It  was situated on the east side of the Monongahela, on the tongue of land formed by the junction of that stream with the Alleghany. Though full of faults in its original construction, and small, it was built with immense labour, and it had ” a great deal of very strong works collected into very […]

Gettysburg – Historic Landmarks

Tto the Southern cause ” a glorious field of grief “—lies in a peaceful pastoral region, walled in on the west by the blue line of the South Mountain range, and studded throughout its landscape by lesser hills. Nearly as the same longitude as Washington, it is situated in Pennsylvania not far north of the […]

Harper’s Ferry – Historic Landmarks

IT was a wet Monday in October, on my return from a journey, with a large party of friends and acquaintances, as far north as Chicago and as far south as St. Louis and the Iron Mountains. We were gradually nearing home, and the fun and jollity grew apace as we got closer to the […]

Historic Landmarks At New Castle, Delaware

THE FIRST LANDING PLACE OF WILLIAM PENN How many students of United States history would be able to answer the question, ” What town has had at least seven different names and has been under the flags of four different countries? ” There is such a town, and but one—New Castle, Delaware. The Swedes laid […]

Historic Monument Of The Southwest

ELEVEN national monuments in the States of Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado illustrate the history of our southwest from the times when pre-historic man dwelt in caves hollowed in desert precipices down through the Spanish fathers’ centuries of self-sacrifice and the Spanish explorers’ romantic search for the Quivira and the Seven Cities of Cibola. The […]

Lexington – Historic Landmarks

THE troubles between the colonies and the mother country, which, for upwards of half a century, had been accumulating and gaining strength, had been increased to an alarming extent by the passage of the Stamp Act in 1765. The loyalty of the colonists had been so much impaired by the passage of the Act, that […]

Michilimacinac – Historic Landmarks

THE dispute with Great Britain had resulted in a declaration of war by the Congress of the United States; yet, notwithstanding an appeal to arms had been made by the infant republic, there appears to have been but little preparation made to carry it on. Not the least of the many subjects which appear to […]