History Of The Netherlands – Ch. 9

A.D. 1566-1573 ALL the services just related in the common cause of the country and the king produced no effect on the vindictive spirit of the latter. Neither the lapse of time, the proofs of repentance, nor the fulfilment of their duty, could efface the hatred excited by a conscientious opposition to even one design […]

History Of The Netherlands – Ch. 8

Commencement Of The Revolution A.D. 1566 THE stadtholderess and her ministers now began to tremble. Philip’s favorite counsellors advised him to yield to the popular despair; but nothing could change his determination to pursue his bloody game to the last chance. He had foreseen the impossibility of reducing the country to slavery as long as […]

History Of The Netherlands – Ch. 4

A.D. 1018-1384 THE district in which Dordrecht is situated, and the grounds in its environs which are at present sub-merged, formed in those times an island just raised above the waters, and which was called Holland or Holtland (which means wooded land, or, according to some, hollow land). The formation of this island, or rather […]

History Of The Netherlands – Ch. 5

A. D. 1384-1506 THUS the house of Burgundy, which soon after became so formidable and celebrated, obtained this vast accession to its power. The various changes which had taken place in the neighboring provinces during the continuance of these civil wars had altered the state of Flanders altogether. John d’Avesnes, count of Hainault, having also […]

History Of The Netherlands – Ch. 6

A. D. 1506-—1555 PHILIP being dead, and his wife, Joanna of Spain, having become mad from grief at his loss, after nearly losing her senses from jealousy during his life, the regency of the Netherlands reverted to Maximilian, who immediately named his daughter Margaret stadtholderess of the country. This princess, scarcely twenty-seven years of age, […]

History Of The Netherlands – Ch. 7

IT has been shown that the Netherlands were never in a more flourishing state than at the accession of Philip II. The external relations of the country presented an aspect of prosperity and peace. England was closely allied to it by Queen Mary’s marriage with Philip; France, fatigued with war, had just concluded with it […]

History Of The Netherlands – Ch. 3

A.D. 800-1000 EVEN at this advanced epoch of foreign domination, there remained as great a difference as ever between the people of the high grounds and the inhabitants of the plain. The latter were, like the rest, incorporated with the great monarchy; but they preserved the remembrance of former independence, and even retained their ancient […]

History Of The Netherlands – Ch. 20

A.D. 1678-1713 A FEW years passed over after this period, without the occurrence of any transaction sufficiently important to require a mention here. Each of the powers so lately at war followed the various bent of their respective ambition. Charles of England was sufficiently occupied by disputes with parliament, and the discovery, fabrication, and punishment […]

History Of The Netherlands – Ch. 21

A. D. 1713-1795 DURING a period of thirty years following the treaty of Utrecht, the republic enjoyed the unaccustomed blessing of profound peace. While the discontents of the Austrian Netherlands on the subject of the treaty of the Barrier were in debate, the quadruple alliance was formed between Holland, England, France and the emperor, for […]

History Of The Netherlands – Ch. 22

A.D. 1794-1813 WHILE the fate of Belgium was decided on the plains of Fleurus, Pichegru prepared to carry the triumphant arms of France into the heart of Holland. He crossed the Meuse at the head of one hundred thousand men, and soon gained possession of most of the chief places of Flanders. An unusually severe […]