Alkmaar – Holland

THE vessel, passing beyond Zaandam, went on for a long time between two rows of windmills, touched at various ages, turned into the Marker-Vaart canal, crossed the lake of Alkmaar, and finally entered the Northern canal. I cannot describe the feeling of solitude, and of distance, that came over me in the midst of that […]

Amsterdam – Afoot, And From A Motorboat

We had not realized that she is a city of canals, and the fact being thrust suddenly upon us at night produced a remarkable impression. Water at night is always mysterious. Here, it winds about you in every direction, the foreground twinkling with reflections of a thousand lights, the background fading into vistas of dark […]

Amsterdam – Holland

Two travelers, one a poet and the other au engineer, were going together for the first time, from Haarlem to Amsterdam, when an unusual thing happened; the engineer felt himself something of a poet, and the poet experienced a desire to be in the engineer’s shoes. Such is this strange country, where the writer, to […]

An Excursion To Delft

An excursion must be made to Delft, only twenty minutes distant from The Hague by rail. Pepys calls it “a most sweet town, with bridges and a river in every street,” and that is a tolerably accurate description. It seems thinly inhabited, and the Dutch themselves look upon it as a place where one will […]

Art Galleries Of Holland

The Royal Museum of The Hague contains approximately seven hundred pictures. The nucleus of its splendid collection was a group of paintings acquired by the Princes of Orange, who early encouraged artists by their generous commissions. During the Napoleonic period, with the confidence so characteristic of the time, the French removed the finest pictures from […]

Batavia – The Dutch Capital

WE are walking along the wide canal which runs through the principal street of Batavia. On each side of us quaint houses, with white walls and overhanging roofs of red tiles, look down upon and mirror themselves in the water. The buildings are like those in Dutch pictures, and were it not for the palm […]

Broek – Holland

FROM the moment that I began writing the first pages of this book I have been in the habit of encouraging myself to proceed by thinking of the pleasure I should experience upon my first arrival at the village of Broek. I had my days of discouragement and fatigue, when I was ready to throw […]

Dortrecht – France And The Netherlands

Our morning at Dortrecht was very delightful, and it is a thoroughly charming place. Passing under a dark archway in a picturesque building of Charles V., opposite the hotel, we found ourselves at once on the edge of an immense expanse of shimmering river, with long, rich meadows beyond, between which the wide flood breaks […]

Dutch Oven

As Sancho Panza blessed the man who invented sleep, so do we bless the genius who first thought of the Dutch oven. When you are in a permanent camp where a stove is denied you, the Dutch oven puts an unscrub-off-able, triple-plated silver lining to the cloud. It is simply a homely iron pot, utterly […]

Europe – The Netherlands

Between Waterloo, one of the world’s most renowned battlefields, and The Hague, which is to be the home of the Temple of Peace-what a contrast; and yet Belgium and The Netherlands lie side by side ! Perhaps the contrast is chronological rather than geographical or racial, for the Dutch have had their share of fighting […]