Muslim India

As the tender came alongside the pier at Bombay, I found Lachsmilal awaiting me. Lachsmilal Paner is a citizen of Udaipur of Rajputana, no mean city of India—in fact, one of the most picturesque, and its Maharana in point of blue blood is the premier family of India. His majesty is distinctly a tribal chief […]

India – New Era

India’s Present Outlook. A survey of present conditions in India emphasizes the fact that like all the rest of Asia it is undergoing a fundamental re-construction, and that the lines along which it hardens will determine its future. Conditioned on the one hand by the iron-bound social system of caste, and on the other by […]

Near East – New Era

A New Religious Atmosphere. As we turn from India to the Near East we pass from the mists of pantheism and polytheism which have constituted the spiritual atmosphere of Southern Asia to the dark cloud of Islam which has overshadowed the Levant. In both cases the religion 0f the country has molded almost the entire […]

Western India

There is so much of interest in India that I find it difficult to con-dense all that I desire to say into the space which it seems proper to devote to this country. In speaking of the various cities, I have been compelled to omit reference to the numerous industries for which India is famed. […]

British Rule And India

“What is truth?” asked Pilate, and when he had asked the question he went out without waiting for an answer. The question has been asked many times and answered in many different ways. I was re-minded of a similar question when I read over the door of a court house in Aligarh, India., the motto […]

Islamic History of India

Strictly speaking, the term, Mohammedan India, could only be applied to those frontier districts in which the Mohammedans have a preponderating influence, but the Mohammedan emperors left such conspicuous monuments of their reign in Lucknow, Delhi and Agra that it does not violate the proprieties to thus describe this section. The Mohammedans themselves have laid […]

Netherlands India

As the Dutch have administered in what they call Netherlands India, a colonial system quite different in its methods from the systems adopted by other nations, I have thought it worth while to make some inquiries concerning it. The Malay archipelago, which might almost be described as a continent cut up into islands, has furnished […]

Eastern India

We have at least reached India-and what extremes are here ! Southern India penetrates the Indian Ocean and is so near the Equator that the inhabitants swelter under the heat of a perpetual summer, while the rocky sentinels that guard the northern frontier are clad in the ice of an eternal winter: As might be […]

Hindu India

Before beginning the trip through the interior, a paragraph must be given to Indian travel. There are no Pullman sleepers in this country, and the tourist must carry his bedding with him. Night trains have compartments containing broad seats which can be used as couches and hanging shelves upon which one may lie. The traveler […]

Tour Of India – South Indian Topics

February 5, 1912, MADRAS. -The Nationalist leaders here are extremely nice to talk to, and I think perfectly sincere. They admit the necessity of British rule for a long time to come yet, but they think a much larger percentage of Civil Service appointments should be given to them. In this respect their first demand […]