A Century Of Gloom – The Penal Laws

WILLIAM III., of Orange, was inclined to observe, in good faith, the articles agreed upon at the surrender of Limerick, namely, to allow the conquered liberty of worship, citizen rights, so much as remained to them of their property, and the means for personal safety recognized before the departure of Sarsfield and his men. The […]

A Summer Day In Dublin – Great Britain And Ireland

Our passage across from the Head [Holyhead] was made in a rain so pouring and steady, that sea and coast were entirely hidden from us, and one could see very little beyond the glowing tip of the cigar which remained alight nobly in spite of the weather. When the gallant exertions of that fiery spirit […]

Ben Lomond And The Highland Lakes – Great Britain And Ireland

It was indeed a glorious walk from Dumbarton to Loch Lomond through this enchanting valley. The air was mild and clear; a few light clouds occasionally crossing the sun chequered the hills with sun and shade. I have as yet seen nothing that in pastoral beauty can compare with its glassy winding stream, its mossy […]

Blarney Castle – Great Britain And Ireland

Few places in Ireland are more familiar to English ears than Blarney; the notoriety is attributable, first, to the marvelous qualities of its famous “stone,” and next, to the extensive popularity of the song, “The groves of Blarney, they are so charming.” When or how the stone obtained its singular reputation, it is difficult to […]

Cork – Great Britain And Ireland

One sees in this country many a grand and tall iron gate leading into a very shabby field covered with thistles; and the simile of the gate will in some degree apply to this famous city of Cork—which is certainly not a city of palaces, but of which the outlets are magnificent. That toward Killarney […]

Dublin Castle – Great Britain And Ireland

The building of Dublin “Castle”—for the residence of the Viceroys retains the term—was commenced by Meiler FitzHenry, Lord Justice of Ireland, in 1205; and finished, fifteen years afterward, by Henry de Loundres, Archbishop of Dublin. The purpose of the structure is declared by the patent by which King John commanded its erection: “You have given […]

English Efforts To Do Justice To Ireland

THE year 1868 marks the beginning of a series of agitations and reform movements which indicated a desire, on the part of many Englishmen, most of them Protestants, to relieve Ireland of some of the intolerable burdens and outrages to which reference has been made in these pages. In the course of a Parliamentary discussion […]

From Belfast To Dublin – Great Britain And Ireland

We left Glasgow on the morning of the 22d, and taking the railway to Ardrossan were soon at the beach. One of those iron steamers which navigate the British waters, far inferior to our own in commodious and comfortable arrangements, but strong and safe, received us on board, and at ten o’clock we were on […]

From Glenngariff To Killarney – Great Britain And Ireland

The journey from Glengariff to Kenmare is one of astonishing beauty; and I have seen Killarney since, and am sure that Glengariff loses nothing by comparison with this most famous of lakes. Rock, wood, and sea stretch around the traveler—a thousand delightful pictures; the landscape is at first wild without being fierce, immense woods and […]

Highland Mary’s Home And Grave – Great Britain And Ireland

There is no stronger proof of the transcending power of the genius of Burns than is found in the fact that, by a bare half-dozen of his stanzas, an humble dairy servant—else unheard of out-side her parish and forgotten at her death—is immortalized as a peeress of Petrarch’s Laura and Dante’s Beatrice, and has been […]