The Irish And The Tudors

ON January 12, 1559, in the second year of the reign of Elizabeth, a Parliament was convened in Dublin to pass the Act of Supremacy ; that is to say, to establish Lutheranism in Ire-land, as had already been done in England, under the garb of Episcopalianism. But the attempt was fated to encounter a […]

The Christian Irish And The Pagan Danes

For several centuries the Irish continued in the happy state described in the last chapter. While the whole European Continent was convulsed by the irruptions of the Germanic tribes, and of the Huns, more savage still, the island was at peace, opened her schools to the youth of all countries—to Anglo-Saxons chiefly—and spread her name […]

The Irish Free Clans And Anglo-norman Feudalism

THE Danes were subdued, and the Irish at liberty to go on weaving the threads of their history—though, in consequence of the local wars, they had lost the concentrating power of the Ard-Righ—when treachery in their own ranks opened up the way for a far more serious attack from another branch of the great Scandinavian […]

Ireland Separated From Europe – A Triple Episode

WHILE the struggle described in the last chapter was raging, Ireland could have little or no intercourse with the rest of Europe. Heaven alone was witness of the heroism displayed by the free clans wrestling with feudal England. It was only during the internecine wars of the Roses that Erin enjoyed a respite, and then […]

The Irish And The Tudors – Henry VIII

BY losing the only bond of unity—the power vested in the Ard-Righ–which held the various parts of the island together, Ireland lost all power of exercising any combined action. The nations were as numerous as the clans, and the interests as diverse as the families. They possessed, it is true, the same religion, and in […]

How The Irish Received Christianity

FOR the conversion of pagans to Christianity, many exterior proofs of revelation were vouchsafed by God to man in addition to the interior impulse of his grace. Those exterior proofs are generally termed “the evidences of religion.” They produce their chief effect on inquiring minds which are familiar with the reasoning processes of philosophy, and […]

English Efforts To Do Justice To Ireland

THE year 1868 marks the beginning of a series of agitations and reform movements which indicated a desire, on the part of many Englishmen, most of them Protestants, to relieve Ireland of some of the intolerable burdens and outrages to which reference has been made in these pages. In the course of a Parliamentary discussion […]

The Irish Better Prepared To Receive Christianity Than Other Nations

The introduction of Christianity gave Europe a power over the world which pagan Rome could not possess. All the branches of the Japhetic family combined to form what was with justice and propriety called Christendom. Ireland, by receiving the Gospel, was really making her first entry into the European family ; but there were certain […]

Moral Force All – Sufficient For The Resurrection Of Ireland

THIS chapter will be devoted to the island itself. For many centuries it was happy in its seclusion and separation from the rest of Europe : in these days it necessarily forms a part of the whole mass of Japhetic races; its isolation is no longer possible; and, in the opinion of many, it is […]