A Day In Ireland

On calling at the steamboat office in Liver pool, to take passage to Port Rush, we found that the fare in the fore cabin was but two shillings and a half, while in the chief cabin it was six times as much. As I had started to make the tour of all Europe with a […]

A Pilgrimage To Vallombrosa

A pilgrimage to Vallombrosa !-in sooth it has a romantic sound. The phrase calls up images of rosaries, and crosses, and shaven-headed friars. Had `ve lived in the olden days, such things might verily have accompanied our journey to that holy monastery. We might then have gone bare-foot, saying prayers as we toiled along the […]

A Tuscan Game – Pallone

WHAT Englishman, what sport-loving foreigner, is there who, after a brief residence in Italy, does not lose his head over the Italian national game of Pallone? It is as exciting as cricket, a good deal older, ten thousand times more aesthetic, and it takes up but two hours of your time when business for the […]

A Tuscan Sanctuary – Mount La Verna

EARLY in the morning of the 14th September 1224, on the Feast of the Exaltation of Holy Cross, ere day had yet dawned, Francis Bernardone, at that time the foremost Standard-bearer of Christ in all Christendom, received the marks of his Lord’s Passion while keeping the Lent of St. Michael Archangel on the solitary rugged […]

A Tuscan Summer Resort – Camaldoli

CAMALDOLI, most charming of summer resorts, is situated in that part of Tuscany known as the Casentino. It is actually within the modern province, and in the ancient and modern diocese, of Arezzo, thirty miles from the city of Arezzo itself, and about forty-two miles south-east of Florence. Camaldoli, like many another delightful place in […]

An Unfamilar Naples

Italy is full of the unvisited. The average tourist seldom gets beyond Rome, Florence, Venice, Milan, Naples, if even he sees as much as that. Add those who go to Siena, Perugia, Palermo, or who see Tivoli, Pisa, Assissi, Capri, Amalfi, Verona, and the list of the visited is nearly complete. There are cities and […]

Another Ascent Of Vesuvius – Italy Travel

No matter that the snow and ice lie thick upon the summit of Vesuvius, or that we have been on foot all day at Pompeii, or that croakers maintain that strangers should not be on the mountain by night, in such unusual season. Let us take ad-vantage of the fine weather; make the best of […]

Approach To Turin

Turin is situated at the distance of nine miles from Rivoli; the road, which is broad and fine, is lined on either side with a double row of magnificent trees, and bears rather the aspect of a splendid royal avenue, than a highway. It lies in a direct line, straight as an arrow, which occasions […]

Bassano – Birthplace of Jacopo da Ponte

I have already told, in recounting the story of our visit to the Cimbri, how full of courtship we found the little city of Bassano on the evening of our arrival there. Bassano is the birthplace of the painter Jacopo da Ponte, who was one of the first Italian painters to treat scriptural story as […]

Bellagio On Lake Como – Italy Travel

The picture of the promontory of Bellagio is so beautiful as a whole that the traveler had better stand off for awhile to admire it at a distance and at his leisure. Indeed it is a question whether the lasting impressions which we treasure of Bellagio are not, after all, those derived from across the […]