Amusing Experiences In Japan

When the boys were ushered into the dining room they found themselves in the presence of two guests, evidently not Japanese, one of them a matronly looking woman, and the other a handsome gentleman wearing a silken coat. The woman glanced at the boys for a moment, and quietly inquired: “Do you speak English?” It […]

Back To Japan And Home To The U.S.A.

IN passing through from Siberia, I found official Japan was ready and willing to send an army into the Russian Far East to guard the accumulated stores in Vladivostok and to take possession of the Trans-Siberian Railway. It would be futile for Japan to land troops in Vladivostok, without taking over the line as far […]

Bound For Japan

As they marched out of the court room, they turned their eyes to the clock. It was twenty minutes past one, and the ship sailed at two. They could scarcely restrain themselves. “We owe you a great deal for this,” said Win-field, and his voice trembled with emotion and excitement. “Yes,” said Stanwood, “and we […]

Exciting Capture Of The Thief In Japan

One of the pleasant features experienced in traveling in the interior of Japan is the custom of offering tea to the passing stranger. This is freely given without expectation of pay or reward. Sometimes the traveler will also be served with bean paste, which is something like our well-known peanut butter, but this is usually […]

Exciting Experience In A Washout In Japan

SHIMONOSEK is a very quaint town and peculiarly built. It seems to be the most un-Japanese of all cities. Nevertheless it is a place which knew foreigners earlier than any other city in Japan. It has a population of more than sixty thousand, and has exceedingly narrow streets; but is well kept and provided with […]

From San Francisco To Japan – At The Exposition

The crowd from the overland train and numerous passengers from the locals were rushing through the passage ways to the ferryboat Oak-land, while the wagon way was lined with vehicles between the two streaming lines of people. Winfield was ahead, when he heard a shot behind, and turned in time to see Stanwood reel and […]

From San Francisco To Japan – The Electrical Wonders

That evening they had the first opportunity to see the wonders of the great exposition at close range. It may be interesting to learn something of the new advances made in the electrical effects, because in this respect this display will long be regarded as a great feat in illumination. Hitherto all electrical displays depended […]

Hostile Ships From San Francisco To Japan

The third day a streak of dark cloud, low down, and almost directly ahead of the ship, attracted the attention of the officers on the bridge. Far up in the maintop were men with glasses, and one who had his mouth fixed to a telephone transmitter. The wake made by a large steamer on a […]


The eyes of the world are on Japan. No other nation has ever made such progress in the same length of time, and at no time in her history has Japan enjoyed greater prestige than she enjoys just now; and, it may be added, at no time has she had to face greater problems than […]

Japan – New Era

Perry and Mutsuhito. The day that Perry entered the Bay of Yeddo with his little fleet, however unconsciously to him or to America or to Asia, was a day of glad tidings for the Eastern world. To aid the whalers and protect their industries was apparently the chief motive of the United States in sending […]