Japan – New Era

Perry and Mutsuhito. The day that Perry entered the Bay of Yeddo with his little fleet, however unconsciously to him or to America or to Asia, was a day of glad tidings for the Eastern world. To aid the whalers and protect their industries was apparently the chief motive of the United States in sending […]

Japanese Educational System And Religions

Back of Japan’s astonishing progress along material lines lies her amazing educational development. Fifty years ago but few of her people could read or write ; now considerably less than ten per cent would be classed as illiterate. It is difficult to conceive of such a transformation taking place almost within a generation. The prompt […]

Japanese Education And Religion

The government of Japan is a constitutional monarchy in which the emperor not only claims to rule by divine right but by right of divine birth. He is described as Heaven born, and according to the accepted history there has been no break in the family line for twenty-five hundred years. Among no people on […]

Japanese Industries, Art And Commerce

The basis of Japanese industry is agricultural, although each year shows a decreasing proportion engaged in tie tilling of the soil. Rice is the principal product, but owing to the large amount consumed at home it is not the chief export. As this crop needs an abundance of water, the rice fields occupy the low […]

Japan-Her History And Progress

As for the islands themselves, they are largely of volcanic origin, and a number of smoking peaks still give evidence of the mighty convulsions which piled up these masses of masonry. Asosan mountain, on the island of Kyushu, has the largest crater in the world. Japan is the home of the earthquake. The Japanese Year […]

Japanese Customs And Hospitality

Every nation has its customs, its way of doing things, and a nation’s customs and ways are likely to be peculiar in proportion as the nation is isolated. In Japan, therefore, one would expect to see many strange things, and the expectation is more than realized. In some things their customs are exactly the opposite […]


The eyes of the world are on Japan. No other nation has ever made such progress in the same length of time, and at no time in her history has Japan enjoyed greater prestige than she enjoys just now; and, it may be added, at no time has she had to face greater problems than […]

More About Japan

IN trying to get an idea of what the Japanese think of sending an army to Siberia, we must be fair to the hustling, clever little Oriental folk. It is easy to get the wrong impression of a nation, especially when the medium of conversation is so difficult as that between a Japanese and an […]

Japan And The War

WHEN I go to Japan I talk to many Japanese from many walks of life. A sojourn in Japan before I went to Siberia and a stay of some weeks in Tokyo on my re-turn journey filled my ears with arguments from the Japanese standpoint on the question of whether or not Japan should send […]

Back To Japan And Home To The U.S.A.

IN passing through from Siberia, I found official Japan was ready and willing to send an army into the Russian Far East to guard the accumulated stores in Vladivostok and to take possession of the Trans-Siberian Railway. It would be futile for Japan to land troops in Vladivostok, without taking over the line as far […]