Haiti – The Island Of The Two Black Republics

OUR next journey is to a country where most of the people are negroes. It is the island of Haiti, comprising the two countries of Haiti and the Dominican Republic, both of which have a republican form of government, with black presidents and other officials. It takes us less than a day to steam from […]


WE are still in a land of the blacks. Jamaica is a British possession, but its people are almost all negroes. It was discovered by Columbus about two years after he had first set foot upon these islands. It was settled by the Spaniards who held it for about a century and a half, when […]

The Lesser Antilles

OUR first travels through the West Indies shall be in the Lesser Antilles. We are nearing them now. That island at the front over the prow of the ship is Barbados (bar-ba’dos), belonging to England. It is our first port of call. As we come closer we can see the cocoanut trees lining the shores. […]