Beckford’s Monserrate – Portugal Travel

As I retrace my steps down the long zigzags to Cintra again, and ever and anon look up at the heights from which I have come, they seem quite inaccessible. Equally, or more so, does the somewhat lower, but even more precipitous eminence called the Cruz Alta, from which the prospect is of surpassing extent […]

Bussaco – Portugal

In Bussaco you may live in a king’s house, and wander through a sacred grove where a Pope once said women should never go. And at luncheon in a royal hall you may see barefooted peasants bump their heads on the window glass as they stare in at you, because they do not know what […]

Cintra – Portugal

I came to Cintra in the light of the full September moon. The low buildings were chalk-white among the green-black palms and dense masses of foliage crowding up the mountain side. Along a winding way the road led from the station through tunnel-like gloom of far-reaching branches; out again into clear spaces, where the moon […]

Cintra – Portugal Travel

The village of Cintra lies in one of the folds of the great hill, at perhaps a third of its height up the side; a little Swiss-looking pleasure-town round an open praca, like a set scene upon a stage. Sheer aloft upon a precipice a thousand feet and more above its roofs there stretch the […]

Lisbon – Portugal

Lazy clouds lined the distant horizon and as I gazed idly at the ever shifting panorama I noticed that one never changed. Soon it took on form and substance and stood out boldly—a grayish-yellow head-land. It was our first view of the shores of Portugal. Thenceforth the coast was continually in sight and a couple […]

Portugal – General Aspects

PORTUGAL, one of the smallest states of Europe, was nevertheless during a short epoch one of the most powerful. It might appear at the first glance that Portugal ought to be a member of a state including the whole of the Iberian peninsula; but it is neither to chance nor to events purely historical that […]

Portugal – Government And Administration

PORTUGAL is an hereditary and constitutional monarchy. In accordance with the Carta de Ley of 1826, as revised in 1852, the King is charged with the executive, and shares the power of making laws with two chambers. He receives a civil list of 41,000, enjoys the income from certain Crown lands, and possesses magnificent Crow […]

Portugal – Northern Portugal

THE VALLEY OF THE MINHO, DOURO AND MONDEGO. THE mountains of Lusitania are a portion of the great orographical system of the whole peninsula ; but they are not mere spurs, gradually sinking down towards the sea, for they rise into independent ranges; and the individuality of Portugal is manifested in the relief of its […]

Portugal – Present And Future

LITTLE Portugal no longer shares with her neighbour, Spain, in the dominion of the world, as in the fifteenth century. The secrecy observed with a view to the retention of the monopoly of trade with countries newly discovered proved in the end most injurious to Portugal. Other nations appeared upon the stage which the Portuguese […]

Portugal – Southern Portugal, Alemtejo And Algarve

THE mountains beyond the Tejo rarely assume the aspect of chains. For the most part they rise but little above the surrounding plateau. This region is the least attractive of all Portugal, and between the Tejo and the mountains of Algarve there are only plains, monotonous hills, woods, and naked landes. Human habitations are few […]