A Mexican Carlsbad

WHEN a European is suffering from “liver” or kindred ailments, he betakes himself, if he has the means, to Carlsbad or some other popular and expensive health resort. The Mexican also has his little maladies, and likewise a cure to which he hies, and it is known as Tehuacan. I first heard of the fame […]

A Mexican Paradise

“Go to Cuernavaca,” said an American friend, as I sat by a diminutive oil stove in his office in Mexico City one morning, discussing the cold weather which had lasted through the first weeks of November. “Cuernavaca,” he continued, “is a place of orange groves and flowers; it is always warm, and it has the […]

Casting Out Demons By Beelzebub And Saving Mexico In Spite Of Herself

ALL the vexatious acts of which foreigners could reasonably complain and the quibbles by which it was sought to justify them belong to the past. Even under Madero, Huerta and Carranza the oil companies continued to earn enormous profits. Since General Obregón took over the reins of power the last of the blameworthy practices and […]

Christmas At Los Reyes

To spend Christmas in the wilds of the Mexican Sierras would seem attractive to any one in search of novel experiences. And it was thus that the idea impressed me when I accepted an invitation to accompany my friends at Zavaleta on a holiday-making trip of twenty miles across the mountains. Our destination was the […]

Guadalajara The Wonderful

“Give me a ticket to that place, please,” said an American tourist to the booking-clerk at the Mexican Central Railway office. The man from the States held out a rail-way guide in which he had marked the name of the place to which he wished to travel; for he had serious doubts about the correct […]

Hispanic Nations – Mexico In Revolution

WHEN, in 1910, like several of its sister republics, Mexico celebrated the centennial anniversary of its independence, the era of peace and progress inaugurated by Porfirio Diaz seemed likely to last indefinitely, for he was entering upon his eighth term as President. Brilliant as his career had been, however, and greatly as Mexico had prospered […]

In Northern Mexico

THAT part of Mexico which extends southward for three or four hundred miles from the border of the United States has very little resemblance to the semi-tropical regions still farther south or to the “hot lands” along the coast. It is largely a vast plateau, with great plains devoted to grazing purposes and providing pasturage […]

In The Crater Of Popocatepetl

As almost every tourist who gazes upon Mont Blanc is seized with the ambition to make an ascent, so there are few travellers who can behold Popocatepetl without feeling an overwhelming desire to scale this king of Mexican mountains. To do this was once regarded as a wonderful feat, and the adventurous traveller who performed […]

Life In An Old Mexican Town

“INFLUENZA epidemic in Mexico.” Thus read the heading of a special article which appeared in one of the American-Mexican newspapers during my stay in Oaxaca. The news was not at all surprising; for it does not require a long residence in Mexico to realize that the unwashed, filthy living peon is a ready catcher and […]

Mexico – A Night At Hotel Japones

FROM the first rainy day, we had glorious weather; and Manuel said many times, ” God favors us in the weather, senor.” The previous night when I fell asleep it was bright starlight and the moon was just coming up. I awoke at two o’clock to find the sky overcast, and an ominous ring around […]