Baghdad To Damascus By Motor

FROM Baghdad it is a 12-day journey by fast camel caravan across the Arabian and Syrian desert to Damascus lying six hundred miles to the west-ward. This caravan route has been traversed by camels only for century upon century. Today two plow-furrows mark the route for the airmen piloting their camels of the air from […]

Kashmir And Khyber

AN eight-hour journey by train from Lahore brought us to Rawalpindi, the starting point for Kashmir. A motor car arranged for in advance was awaiting us on our arrival at the railway station. Our light luggage and bedding rolls were promptly transferred to the car and we were off over a good road leading towards […]

City Of The Arabian Nights

WE entered Iraq, or Messpot, the more familiar and common sobriquet applied by the British soldier, at the port of Basrah, about 60 miles above the point where the united waters of the rivers Euphrates and Tigris empty into the Persian Gulf. It had been a delightful voyage from Karachi on a comfortable ship, the […]

Behistun Rock And A Snowbound Pass

APPROACHING Kermanshaw, one receives the impression that it is rather an imposing place built on a gentle slope, but once within this city of 80,000 inhabitants, you discover it is a mass of low gray mud buildings intersected by narrow rambling, uneven passageways walled in by houses, shops, bazaars, mosques, hostelries, etc. I climbed to […]

A Bible Chapter Reviewed In Ecbatana

KING CYRUS, in 550 B.C., defeated Astyages, the Median king, capturing the royal city, Ecbatana. That city was the forerunner of Hamadan of today. History also states that later in 333 B.C. this same city of Ecbatana fell into the hands of Alexander the Great, then but 23 years old, after his smashing victory at […]


WE moved off, footsore. Mention of the cold must have become monotonous. But this night’s cold touched a sharper nerve of agony than any before. Our ‘ rest ‘ came, by a refinement of cruelty, not immediately before dawn, but between 2.30 and 4.30 a.m. We were then on bleak uplands, swept by arctic winds. […]

First Battle Of Istabulat

IN the quiet light we crossed the railway, and moved up to the Median Wall, in all a march of perhaps a mile and a half. This wall was old in Xenophon’s time! ; and along its northern side his army moved, watching, and watched by, the troops of Tissaphernes, moving parallel on the other […]


OUR line was where the plateau rose and then dropped steeply into deep, narrow fissures. The night was maddening with cold, and the rum ration came as a sheer necessity. All through this brief Tekrit campaign the British troops were without coats or blankets. The Indian troops had transport for theirs. The arrangement was correct […]

Battle For Samarra

DAY was welcome, for it brought movement, though movement harassed by cold and then by heat and ever-increasing clouds of flies. We snatched our mugs of tea, our bread and bacon. At 3:30 we moved off. We marched behind the wall, then crossed the Dujail, and pushed towards the left flank of the enemy’s position. […]

Summer And Waiting

SAMARRA was entered on April 23, the 21st and 8th Brigades going through the 19th and 28th Brigades. These brigades followed during the course of the day, and the ridge of Al-Ajik fell into our hands. From Samarra northwards high bluffs run with the river, pushing out to it from plateaus stretching across the heart […]