Fourteen Months Abroad – Milan, Italy

April 27.-This morning about 9:00 o’clock we gladly left the turbulent, disagreeable station at Genoa, arriving here about 1:00, and are stopping at Hotel Victoria. On leaving Genoa there was again much noise and confusion in the station. Such crowds of people and piles of baggage! It was another tiresome journey. It seemed as though […]

At Milan

It  has, at the present day, a less peculiar Italian character than any of the other leading cities of the peninsula, and it more resembles the gay capitals of Europe. It has large, clean streets, attractive stores, electric lights everywhere, especially in the great Central Bazar, an enormous structure a hundred feet high, in the […]

Lombard Vignettes – A Humanist’s Monument

In the Sculpture Gallery of the Brera is preserved a fair white marble tomb, carved by that excellent Lombard sculptor Agostino Busti. The epitaph runs as follows : En Virtutem Mortis nesciam. Vivet Lancinus Curtius Siecula per omnia Quascunque lustrans oras, Tantum possunt Camoenæ. “Look here on Virtue that knows naught of Death ! Lancinus […]

Lombard Vignettes – On A Mountain.

Milan is shining in sunset on those purple fields; and a score of cities flash back the last red light, which shows each inequality and undulation of Lombardy outspread four thousand feet beneath. Both ranges, Alps and Apennines, are clear to view; and all the silvery lakes are over-canopied and brought into one picture by […]

Lombard Vignettes – Sic Genius.

In the picture-gallery at Modena there is a masterpiece of Dosso Dossi. The frame is old and richly carved; and the painting, bordered by its beautiful dull gold, shines with the lustre of an emerald. In his happy moods Dosso set color upon canvas as no other painter out of Venice ever did; and here […]

Lombard Vignettes – On The Superga

THIS is the chord of Lombard coloring in May : Lowest in the scale, bright green of varied tints, the meadow-grasses mingling with willows and acacias, harmonized by air and distance ; next, opaque blue-the blue of something between amethyst and lapislazuli—that belongs alone to the basements of Italian mountains; higher, the roseate whiteness of […]

Lombard Vignettes – A Bronze Bust Of Caligula At Turin.

The Albertina bronze is one of the most precious portraits of antiquity, not merely because it confirms the testimony of the green basalt bust in the Capitol, but also because it supplies an even more emphatic and impressive illustration to the narrative of Suetonius. Caligula is here represented as young and singularly beautiful. It is […]


While finding our way at random to the ” Pension Suisse,” whither we had been directed by a German gentleman, we were agreeably impressed with the gaiety and bustle of Milan. The shops and stores are all open to the street, so that the city resembles a great bazaar. It has an odd look to […]

Walk From Milan To Genoa.

It was finally decided we should leave Milan, so the next morning we arose at five o’clock for the first time since leaving Frankfort. The Italians had commenced operations at this early hour, but we made our way through the streets without attracting quite so much attention as on , our arrival. Near the gate […]

Milan Cathedral – Italy Travel

The cathedral, at the first sight, is bewildering. Gothic art, transported entire into Italy at the close of the Middle Ages, attains at once its triumph and its extravagance. Never had it been seen so pointed, so highly embroidered, so complex, so overcharged, so strongly resembling a piece of jewelry; and as, instead of coarse […]