Casa Grande National Monument

In the far south of Arizona not many miles north of the boundary of Sonora, there stands, near the Gila River, the noble ruin which the Spaniards call Casa Grande, or Great House. It was a building of large size situated in a compound of outlying buildings enclosed in a rectangular wall; no less than […]

Chaco Canyon National Monument

For fourteen miles, both sides of a New Mexican canyon sixty-five miles equidistant from Farmington and Gallup are lined with the ruins of very large and prosperous colonies of prehistoric people. Most of the buildings were pueblos, many of them containing between fifty and a hundred rooms; one, known to-day as Pueblo Bonito, must have […]

Desert Spectacles

THE American desert, to eyes attuned, is charged with beauty. Few who see it from the car-window find it attractive; most travellers quickly lose interest in its repetitions and turn back to their novels. A little intimacy changes this attitude. Live a little with the desert. See it in its varied moods—for every hour it […]

Devil’s Postpile National Monument

Southeast of craggy Lyell, mountain climax and eastern outpost of the Yosemite National Park, the Muir Trail follows the extravagantly beautiful beginnings of the Middle Fork of the San Joaquin River through a region of myriad waters and snow-flecked mountains. Banner Peak, Ritter Mountain, Thousand Island Lake, Volcanic Ridge, Shadow Lake—national park scenery in its […]

Dinosaur National Monument

The Age of Reptile developed a wide variety of monsters in the central regions of the continent from Montana to the Gulf of Mexico. The dinosaurs of the Triassic and Jurassic periods sometimes had gigantic size, the Brontosaurus attaining a length of sixty feet or more. The femur of the Brachiosaurus exceeded six feet; this […]

El Morro National Monument

Due west from Albuquerque, New Mexico, not far from the Arizona boundary, El Morro National Monument conserves a mesa end of striking beauty upon whose cliffs are graven many inscriptions cut in passing by the Spanish and American explorers of more than two centuries. It is a historical record of unique value, the only extant […]

Gettysburg Monuments

The battlefield of Gettysburg is better marked, both topographically and by monuments, than probably any other battlefield in the world. Over a mil-lion dollars have been expended on the grounds and monuments. The ” Gettysburg Battlefield Memorial Association,” representing the soldiers engaged, has marked all the important points, and the tracts along the lines, over […]

Gila Cliffs National Monuments

Fifty miles northeast of Silver City, New Mexico, a deep rough canyon in the west fork of the Gila River contains a group of four cliff-dwellings in a fair state of preservation. They lie in cavities in the base of an overhanging cliff of grayish-yellow volcanic rock which at one time apparently were closed by […]

Gran Quivira National Monument

Eighty miles southeast of Albuquerque, in the hollow of towering desert ranges, lies the arid country which Indian tradition calls the Accursed Lakes. Here, at the points of a large triangle, sprawl the ruins of three once flourishing pueblo cities, Abo, Cuaray, and Tabira. Once, says tradition, streams flowed into lakes inhabited by great fish, […]

Jewel Cave National Monument

Northwest of Wind Cave, thirteen miles west and south of Custer, South Dakota boasts another lime-stone cavern of peculiar beauty, through whose en-trance also the wind plays pranks. It is called jewel Cave because many of its crystals are tinted in various colors, often very brilliantly. Under torchlight the effect is remarkable. Connecting chambers have […]