New Zealand

WE are in our first great storm at sea. We had some heavy winds about southern Australia, and we thought it rough while crossing Bass Strait, but we have had nothing like this. We are now in the Roaring For-ties, a part of the ocean so called from its terrible storms. Our ship has been […]

New Zealand – A Visit To A Meat-Freezing Factory

WE take the train at Bluff and go northward along the east coast. The land is rolling, with valleys and plains. Now the mountains are afar off on our left, and now close to the sea. We ride for miles through fields fenced with green hedges. They contain rich crops and meadows on which fat […]

Wellington – The Hot Springs Country – Among The Maoris

WE are in Wellington, the capital of New Zealand. How the wind roars around the corners and tears through the streets ! Wellington is one of the stormiest towns south of the Equator. It is situated at the lower end of Cook Strait, which is so windy that it has been called the Windpipe of […]

Travel: Scenery Of New Zealand

The scenery of New Zealand is classed, and rightfully, too, amongst the most beautiful in the world. Its deeply indented coast abounds with rocky precipices and beetling crags. It would be impossible to give, within the limits of this sketch, an adequate description of the many places of surpassing interest to be found in this […]

Travel: New Zealand

Passing through the midst of Oceania in the direction in which we enter it, we come to the islands of New Zealand. The distance from San Francisco to Auckland is 5375 miles. After sojourning for a time among the minute specks of land which generally compose these parts of Oceania, it is with quite a […]