The Shah of Persia

AS soon as I reached the fashionable hotel, I could see that the Shah was really staying there. In the lobby I recognized some of the attendants he had with him in Paris. They wore the same black caps which had impressed me then, and I knew there was no use making inquiries at the […]

The Balearic Isles

WE have left the Azores and are passing through the Strait of Gibraltar into the Mediterranean Sea. That great yellow rock on the left, with the guns frowning out of its fortifications, is Gibraltar. It belongs to the English, and is a part of the continent of Europe. The ragged, rocky mountains on our right […]

Neutral Moresnet

Within the triple encompassment of Belgium and Holland and Prussia, and in actual juxtaposition with all three, there lies a bit of land which for almost a century has been under the dual rule of rival kings. Originating in mistake, the anomaly has been perpetuated by jealousy, by the inability of two governments to concur […]

Finding The Strangest Corner Of Europe

I had long been impressed by the bleak savagery of the Scilly rocks, the dangerous and desolate aspect that they offer to those who view them from the decks of the passing liners; the low black reefs, and the rounded, wicked heads of rock, some greened over with slippery growths, some bare, that seem to […]

A William Tell Of Unvisited Mountains

Most interesting of all the Italian towns of the Dolomites is Pieve di Cadore. It is a small and compact place, a village set upon a hill, with houses large, of stone, with wide-projecting eaves. It is a charmingly situated and very ancient town, whose name, Italian fashion, has the softly musical pronunciation, with the […]

Along The Brenta

It came to me one day, in Venice, that there was a region near by, entirely neglected by travelers, which had once been known of all the world and had possessed so much of beauty and interest that there must still be much that was eminently worth while to see; and so I sought out […]

Getting To Guernsey

It seemed particularly desirable to go to Guernsey, even more than to Alderney or Jersey or Sark, those others of the islands that are still more French than English, although they have been in English possession since the time of the Conqueror William; for I understood that in Guernsey, to even a greater extent than […]

The Passes Of The Alps In Snow And Ice

A region that is frequently visited may through changes of season become a region unvisited; a region so changed, so metamorphosed, so different, as to be a region unrecognizable by those who have known it only under its usually seen aspect. And in particular I have in mind the passes of the Alps, that in […]

A Peninsula Of Patronymics

Returning to Cherbourg from Guernsey, it might have seemed that there was nothing to do but go on to Paris, with possibly a stop at Caen or Beauvais; although it is seldom that the tourist stops even there, as his steamer train takes him on a stop less run and Cherbourg itself is but a […]

The Norman Home Of The Bruce

The name of Bruce is so intimately, so particularly, so inseparably associated with Scotland that it is scarcely possible to think of it as ever having been anything but Scotch. No other stands so markedly for antagonism to Norman-English things. The name of Bruce is representative of Scotland. Yet the Bruces were really Norman, and […]