IN the town of Parma there is one surpassingly strange relic of the past. The palace of the Farnesi, like many a haunt of up-start tyranny and beggared pride on these Italian plains, rises misshapen and disconsolate above the stream that bears the city’s name. The squalor of this gray-brown edifice of formless brick, left […]


It is perhaps the brightest Residenzstadt of the second class in Italy. Built on a sunny and fertile tract of the Lombard plain, within view of the Alps, and close beneath the shelter of the Apennines, it shines like a well-set gem with stately towers and cheerful squares in the midst of verdure. The cities […]

Italy – Parma

It  is laid out with a regularity which may be called characteristic of the great ducal cities of Italy, and which it fully shares with Mantua, Ferrara, and Bologna. The signorial cities, Verona, Vicenza, Padua, and Treviso, are far more picturesque, and Parma excels only in the number and beauty of her fountains. It is […]