The Philippine Problem – Continued

In speaking of the Philippine independence I have presented some of the reasons given by Filipinos for desiring it, but there are arguments which ought to appeal especially to Americans. If it were our duty to maintain a colonial policy, no argument could be made against it, because duties are imperative and never conflict. If, […]

The Philippines-The Moro Country

The term Moro is used to describe the Mohammedan Filipino and includes a number of tribes occupying the large island of Mindanao, the smaller islands adjacent to it and those of the Sulu archipelago. The northeast corner of Mindanao is separated from the island of Leyte by the Surigao Strait, and that part of Mindanao […]

The Philippine Problem

Having in previous articles discussed the conditions as I found them in the Philippines, let us consider what the United States should do in regard to the Filipinos and their islands. First, as to the- northern group of islands-the islands north of Mindanao. Have the Filipinos a right to self government? Do they desire self […]

The Philippines-Northern Islands And Their People

While a deep interest in the political problems tempts me to deal at once with the policy to be pursued by our government with respect to the Filipinos, I am constrained to proceed logically and discuss first the islands and their people. And in speaking of the Filipinos, a distinction should be made between those […]

Manila and the Philipines

I FOUND Manila quite as interesting to visit as a great many European cities which no tourist would think of missing, and I was at no loss to spend my time profitably during my stay there. The streets of our colonial capital are teeming with life and movement, and the Pasig River, which divides the […]

Philippines – Mindanao And The Moros

We are on the beach at Zamboanga (sam-bo-an’ga), on the great island of Mindanao, at the southern end of our Philippine archipelago. We are only about three hundred miles from the Equator; but the climate is by no means unpleasant, for the fresh air from the sea fans our faces, whispering a welcome as it […]

Philippines – The Sulu Archipelago

WE are in the capital of one of the dattos of southern Mindanao. How different it is from our cities at home! All about us along the coast and back of it are hundreds of yellow and gray thatched huts, each fifteen or twenty feet square, built high upon poles under the tallest of cocoanut […]

Philippines – Through The Mountains Of Luzon

LEAVING Aparri, we mount horses and make our way back over the mountains to Manila, now going for miles through tall pines, and now cutting our way through forests of hard woods so bound together by vines that we can go but few miles a day. The hills are so steep in places that our […]

Philippines – The Visayan Islands

WE have left Manila on one of the coasting steamers, and are now making our way from port to port through the Visayan Islands, which form the middle zone of our Philippine archipelago. They are of much the same nature as Luzon, composed of mountains and valleys with rich plains here and there along the […]

Manila – Home Life And The Markets

WE have many friends in Manila, and through them are able to visit all classes of the people. Our first call is on the family of a Filipino official, who lives just out of the city. His house is a great two-storied building, with a beautiful garden about it shaded with palms and other tropical […]