Agarev – Mayor Of Vladivostok

THE Committee of Public Safety in Vladivostok commenced to encounter, before the revolution was many months old, a new element of disturbance in the community. This was sup-plied by the fact that Vladivostok was the port at which the returning Russian political and criminal element flowed freely homeward from the United States, Canada and Australasia. […]

Concerning Siberia

WHAT has Japan done to better herself in Korea and Manchuria? She has developed Korea and worked great good there. She has brought no little agricultural prosperity to Manchuria. She has reached out to the North and practically concluded a deal with Russia, whereby her influence in Manchuria will shortly extend to Harbin, and include […]

Cracow – Poland

Cracow, old, tired and dispirited, speaks and thinks only of the ruinous past. When you drive into Cracow from the station for the first time, you are breathless, smiling, and tearful all at once; in the great Ring-platz—a mass of old buildings—Cracow seems to hold out her arms to you—those long sides that open from […]

History – Russia And Her Czar

The map of Russia makes the other nations of Europe look insignificant by comparison. Moscow is called “The Heart of Russia,” and yet the trans-Siberian railway from Moscow to Vladivostok is about 6,000 miles long, nearly one-fourth the circumference of the globe. From St. Petersburg to Sebastopol is more than 2,000 miles, and yet Russia’s […]

Kieff – Russian Travel

In the beginning of the eleventh century, Kieff, after Constantinople, was the largest and richest town in Eastern Europe; but the chronicler Ditmar records that in 1124, the year before the death of Monomachus, in a great fire which occurred, as many as six hundred churches and chapels were burned in Kieff. This fact shows […]

Moscow – A Panoramic View – Russian Travel

No other city in the world presents so cosmopolitan an aspect. The gilded domes of Lucknow —the pagodas of China—Byzantine churches Grecian temples—palaces in the style of Versailles—heavy inexpressive German buildings—wooden country cottages—glaring American signs —boulevards, gardens, silent lanes, roaring streets, open markets, Turkish bazaars, French cafes, German beer cellars, and Chinese tea-houses—all arc found […]

Moscow – Napoleon’s Visit – Russian Travel

Various accounts are given respecting the first entry of the troops into Moscow. Some of the inhabitants who remained, having faith in the assurances of Rostopchin, welcomed the invaders, believing them to be some of the foreign allies of the Russian army. An official who had not been able to escape states that he saw […]

Odessa – Russian Travel

It overhangs a wide and beautiful bay of the Black Sea, situated near two important estuaries, called the Khodjabeyskoi and the Kuialskoi estuaries, both formed by the great Kuialnek rivers. Its principal division extends along the top of a bold range of cliffs, commanding an extensive seaview, and the ever-varying clusters of the ships of […]

On The Field Of Pultava – Russian Travel

The great object of interest to all who visit Pultava is the famed field of battle where Charles XII., after years of glory, at last was humbled by his rival Peter the Great. There has been probably but one battle fought within the last 150 years whose consequences can compare in importance with those of […]

Peterhof – Russian Travel

The large castle of Peterhof, built by Peter I. and enlarged by his daughter Elizabeth, like the palace of St. James, now serves only for representation. Villas and country-houses are scattered over its extensive grounds, and are occupied by the imperial family and their guests. Prince Hohenzollern, Heinz, Katte, and I lodged in one of […]