Bussaco – Portugal Travel

The royal domain of Bussaco is 1,300 feet above the sea-level; and vies with Cintra in natural beauty. In variety of trees and shrubs the woods are without a rival in Europe. The views, ranging west to the Atlantic, and east to the Serra da Estrella, are as picturesque as they are extensive. Bussaco is […]

From Braga To Bom Jesus – Portugal Travel

At the railway station at Braga, in the out-skirts of the city [of Oporto], a noisy, assertive little steam-train of several carriages is waiting in the street, and, with much puffing and whistling, it carries the travelers up the slope into the narrow thoroughfares of the town. It is Sunday, and the streets are thronged […]

Leira And The Great Castle Above It – Portugal Travel

We drove for two hours more, and, just as the black shadows began to lengthen, we drove into the town of Leiria, the Calippo of the Romans, and for long the stronghold whence the Moors harried the advancing Christians to the north. It is a lovely place on the banks of the Liz, set in […]

Lisbon – Antiquity – Architecture

April 4th.—When I returned from Rome I found Chester here, who loved art and knew all the artists, and never put brush to canvas nor finger to clay ; who loved books and was intimate with all good authors, and never wrote a volume ; who was welcome at the fireside of all great thinkers, […]

Oporto – Portugal Travel

I stood in the center of a daring bridge, spanning with one bold arch of nigh six hundred feet a winding, rocky gorge. Far, far below me ran a chocolate-colored river crowded with quaint craft, some with high-raised sheltered poops and crescent-peaked prows, some low and long astern with bows like gondolas and bright red […]

Portugal – Cintra

October 15th.—I have just had a visit from the Mar-quis of Ailsa, whoso home is on the Clyde, and whose large landed estate of nearly 80,000 acres in Scotland resembles somewhat the great tract of picturesque territory which constitutes the pasture lands of Essex County. The Marquis came to Lisbon in his yacht Titania, on […]

Portugal – Cintra And Mafra

Too much cannot be said of the beauty of this renowned spot. Its striking loveliness consists of a section of deep ravines, lofty heights, bare and rocky summits, luxuriant gardens whose foliage vies with the tropics, a lofty Moorish palace, whose twin turrets are the chimneys of the kitchen ; winding narrow streets half the […]

Portugal – Coimbra – Camcensem Dona Telles – Pombal

November 20th.—”It seems to me Portugal has seen a great deal of fighting,” said Mrs. Loring, as we sat last evening over our good wood fire at the Lawrence in Cintra, looking back over what we had seen, and for-ward to what we might see. ” There is no doubt about that,” said I ; […]

Portugal – Lisbon

December 19th.-The brilliant days still continue. While the thermometer is twelve degrees below zero in New England, and snow-drifts fill the valleys of Arizona, and Constantinople is buried in a heavy winter storm, the days here are refulgent—not too warm, but fresh, brisk, cool, and invigorating. The great event is the arrival of Dom Pedro […]

Portugal – Lisbon – Boston

June 1, 1890.—My mission to Portugal has come to an end, and I sail today in the steamer Lanfranc for Liverpool and thence for Boston, where I can land in the neighborhood of my own home. To bid farewell to Portugal seems to be a very simple matter, but when I recall the events of […]