Religion – Rome – The Catholic Capital

The dominant feature of Rome is the religious feature, and it is fitting that it should be so, for here the soil was stained with the blood of those who first hearkened to the voice of the Nazarene—here a cruel Nero lighted his garden with human torches, little thinking that the religion of those whom […]

Fourteen Months Abroad – Rome, Italy

December 19..—We left Florence December 17th at 1 :20 in the afternoon. At 5 :10 the same day we reached Arezzo. We walked from the station to our Hotel Angleterre where we found, not unexpectedly, a cold room and a cold stone floor. L. asked for “fuoco in letto” (fire in bed). Willingly they placed […]

Italy – Tea Drinking In Rome

THE first lesson that many Americans who come to Rome have to learn of the Eternal City is the art of relaxation. Days in Italy are much longer and much more leisurely than in the United States. You may make the morning what you will, for the light breakfast served in your room with your […]

Italy – The Rome That Horace Knew

THERE is a certain haunting quality in a place that comes from association with a person. Some particular name rushes into memory and a vast throng of ideas and feelings whirl after the name until for us that special individual becomes in a very real sense the genius of the place, genius loci, the immanent […]

Italy – A Piazza In Rome

ONE of my greatest joys in Rome has been my window. Not that my room boasts fair casement or bright stained glass through which light filters across floor in patterns or in pictures. My window does not shut me in with beauty but leads me out to life. It is a high casement window, for […]

My Italian Year – Social Rome

I SUPPOSE that I shall scarcely be forgiven by many of my English readers for declining to join the ranks of those among my compatriots who are evidently under the impression that it is they, and not the Italians, who ought to manage the internal affairs of the Italian capital. I know quite well that […]

Rome – Along the Appian Way

What changes the centuries bring ! If Julius Cæsar should rise from his grave, he would scarcely recognize this as the renowned military road of the Romans ; indeed, the only thing by which he could identify it at all would be that imposing round tower rising so majestically on the summit of the road, […]

Rome – the Eternal City, from the dome of St. Peter’s

What a magnificent prospect! Half of Rome is lying at our feet. There, four hundred feet below us, is the great Piazza of St. Peter’s, on which men, horses and carriages look like mere dots on the pavement. We shall not stop to describe that Piazza now except to call attention to that splendid colonnade […]

Rome – The great Pontifical Palace, the Vatican

Here then is the Vatican, the Palace of the Popes. Off to our right, we know, is the great, broad city of Rome, with its mass of buildings and ruins collected there during all the long centuries. Farther than we can see on our left are the Tuscan Hills, which we have already seen from […]

Rome – Aqueduct of Claudius

This gigantic highway for conducting water into the city was built by the Emperor Claudius, the water coming from the neighborhood of Subiaco, over thirty miles distant. The arches were made lofty in order to carry the water to the Palatine Hill, for the water brought in this aqueduct was used in the palaces of […]