A Foot In Rome

Dec. 29.-One day’s walk through Rome-how shall I describe it? The Capitol, the Forum, St. Peter’s, the Coliseum-what few hours’ ramble ever took in places so hallowed by poetry, his-tory and art? It was a golden leaf in my calendar of life. In thinking over it now, and drawing out the threads of recollection from […]

A Glimpse Of Rome

In early days her legions took nation after nation captive and subjected them to Roman rule. Later all bowed down and adopted her great laws so that even today in our law courts one recognizes her jurisprudence. At another period she was acknowledged to be the home of art and the artistic center of the […]

An Audience With Pius X – Rome, Italy

We arrived in Rome at three in the afternoon, with letters which ensured us an audience with the Pope. A friend, long resident in Rome, who advised us to present them at once, accompanied us to the Vatican. Passing through an interesting part of the city, including the St. Angelo Bridge across the Tiber, we […]

Another Glimpse Of Rome

BOSWELL said: “A Frenchman must be always talking, whether he knows anything of the matter or not; an Englishman is content to say nothing, when he has nothing to say.” With the Italians the less they know the more assurances they make to you of their information, and they embellish their discourse with gestures that […]

Canova’s Venus

This statue, designed with admirable simplicity, presents a tall, elegant, bending figure, shrinking with timidity. A light transparent drapery, supported by the left hand on the bosom, which it partly veils, crosses a little below the right knee, falling down to the marble in easy folds. The countenance is beautiful; the gentle inclination of the […]

Catacombs And Crypts – Rome, Italy

There is an upper chamber in the Mamertine prison, over what is said to have been-and very possibly may have been—the dungeon of St. Peter. This chamber is now fitted up as an oratory, dedicated to that saint; and it lives, as a distinct and separate place, in my recollection, too. It is very small […]

Church Of The Aracali – The Preacher

Among many churches which I visited on Christmas eve, I chanced, at a late hour in the night, to enter the grand and ancient edifice of the Aracali. Perfect stillness prevailed, and all was dark, except the great altar. There, thousands of wax tapers burnt bright and vivid, sending forth a flood of light which […]

Circus Of Carcalla – Rome

Turning from this sacred monument, you enter the Circus of Caracalla, the remains of which are still in some measure entire, presenting the whole scene to the mind’s eye, and most forcibly recalling the number, power, and habits, of this singular people. It is situated in a flat field, surrounded by gentle acclivities, the form […]

Easter Sunday – Rome

The service on Easter Sunday is grand and most imposing, insensibly raising the feelings to a true accord with the scene. There, under the superb dome built by Michael Angelo, the solemn mass is sung in deep silence, amidst the assembly of priests and princes. The morning was serene and lovely, the sun shone clear […]

Excursions Near Rome – Rome, Italy

The excursions in the neighborhood of Rome are charming, and would be full of interest were it only for the changing views they afford of the wild Campagna. But every inch of ground in every direction is rich in associations, and in natural beauties. There is Albano, with its lovely lake and wooded shore, and […]