City Of Christiania

AT the inner end of the long and charming Christiania fjord, at the foot of wooded hills, lies Christiania. It was late in the autumn when, for the first time, I entered the capital of Norway, and months after I had been in Scandinavia. I was tired from my summer rambles. The weather had been […]

San Francisco Earthquake – Thrilling Personal Experiences

THE stories of hundreds who experienced the earthquake shock but escaped with life and limb constitute a series of thrilling stories unrivaled outside of fiction. Those that contain the most marvellous features are herewith narrated: Albert H. Gould, of Chicago, describes the scene in the Palace Hotel following the first quake: “I was asleep on […]

San Francisco Earthquake – Thrilling Personal Experiences – Continued

FOR two weeks or more tragedy, romance and comedy crowded the lives of women and children survivors homeless in the city of ashes and in Oakland, across the bay, the city of refuge. In this latter place thousands separated from their loved ones were tearfully awaiting developments, and every hour in the day members of […]

San Francisco Earthquake – Through Lanes Of Misery

AMONG the most graphic and interesting pen pictures of scenes within and without the stricken city were those of Harry C. Carr, a newspaper photographer and correspondent of Los Angeles. This is his personal narrative : I started from Los Angeles for the stricken city on that pitiful first train whose passengers were nearly all […]

San Francisco Earthquake – Scenes Of Terror, Death And Heroism

THE week succeeding the quake was a remarkable one in the history of the country. For a day or two the people had been horror-stricken by the tales of suffering and desolation on the Pacific coast, but as the truth became known they arose equal to the occasion. And not all the large amounts contributed […]

San Francisco Earthquake – Ruins And Havoc In Coast Cities

OUTSIDE of San Francisco the earthquake did immense damage for fifty miles north and south of the Golden Gate City. San Jose, the prettiest city in California, sustained the severest shock, which killed a score of people and left the business section a pile of ruins. The loss in this one city alone amounted to […]

San Francisco Earthquake – Miscellaneous Facts And Incidents

IN the refugee camps a number of babies were born under the most distressing and pathetic circumstances, the mothers in many cases being unattended by either husbands or relatives. In Golden Gate Park alone fifteen babies were born in one night, it was reported. The excitement and agony of the situation brought the little ones […]

San Francisco Earthquake – Destruction Of Great Stanford University

ONE of the most deplorable features of the great California calamity was the destruction of the Leland Stanford, Jr., University, situated at Palo Alto. The magnificent buildings, including a beautiful memorial hall erected by Mrs. Stanford to the memory of her husband and son, were practically wrecked. Leland Stanford University was one of the most […]

San Francisco Earthquake – Fighting Fire With Dynamite

THE remnant of San Francisco that escaped destruction in the four days conflagration owes its existence largely to the equally destructive force of dynamite. For four days one agent of destruction was employed against another. The San Francisco conflagration was the second great fire in the United States at which dynamite was the chief agency […]

San Francisco Earthquake – A Roaring Furnace

MARIUS sitting among the ruins of Carthage saw not such a sight as presented itself to the afflicted people of San Francisco in the dim haze of the smoke pall at the end of the second day. Ruins stark naked, yawning at fearful angles and pinnacled into a thousand fearsome shapes, marked the site of […]