Before The Fire Of San Francisco – American Travel

SAN FRANCISCANS  love to show their city off. Nevertheless they take a curious delight in countering against the enthusiasm of the alien with a solemn wag of the head and the invariable : “Ah, but you should have seen, felt,tasted, smelled, heard it before the Fire !” They say that about everything, old and new. […]

City Of Christiania

AT the inner end of the long and charming Christiania fjord, at the foot of wooded hills, lies Christiania. It was late in the autumn when, for the first time, I entered the capital of Norway, and months after I had been in Scandinavia. I was tired from my summer rambles. The weather had been […]

San Francisco – American Travel

LEAVING the train in Oakland, one is reminded of Hoboken or Jersey City in the days before the Hudson Tubes were built. There is the train shed, the throng headed for the ferry, the bag-gage trucks, and the ferryboat itself, like a New York ferryboat down to its very smell. Likewise the fresh salt wind […]

San Francisco – An Exposition And A Booster – American Travel

THE Panama Pacific Exposition will unquestionably be the most beautiful exposition ever held in the world. Its setting is both accessible and lovely, for it has the city upon one side and the bay and the Golden Gate upon the other. Instead of being smooth and white like those of previous World’s Fairs, the buildings […]

San Francisco – Historic Landmarks

THE weather cooled perceptibly when we left the tropics—we met the keen north wind which blows almost all the year down the Western American coast. On April 20, we entered between the Heads into the Bay of San Francisco, and saw the smoke of the Golden City six miles in front of us. The opening […]

San Francisco Earthquake – A Roaring Furnace

MARIUS sitting among the ruins of Carthage saw not such a sight as presented itself to the afflicted people of San Francisco in the dim haze of the smoke pall at the end of the second day. Ruins stark naked, yawning at fearful angles and pinnacled into a thousand fearsome shapes, marked the site of […]

San Francisco Earthquake – All Cooperate In Relief Work

PRESIDENT ROOSEVELT inaugurated the organized and systematic relief work through the National Red Cross Society. Before the embers of the conflagration had cooled he issued the following statement: Washington, D. C., April 22.—The following statement was issued from the White House this afternoon: “To the public: After full consultation with Secretary Taft, the president of […]

San Francisco Earthquake – Chinatown – A Plague Spot Blotted Out

TO a visitor unacquainted with oriental customs and manners the most picturesque and mysterious spot in the region of the Golden Gate was Chinatown, now blotted out, which laid in the heart of San Francisco, halfway up the hillside from the bay and was two blocks wide by two blocks long. In this circumscribed area […]

San Francisco Earthquake – Destruction Of Great Stanford University

ONE of the most deplorable features of the great California calamity was the destruction of the Leland Stanford, Jr., University, situated at Palo Alto. The magnificent buildings, including a beautiful memorial hall erected by Mrs. Stanford to the memory of her husband and son, were practically wrecked. Leland Stanford University was one of the most […]

San Francisco Earthquake – Disaster As Viewed By Scientists

THE subterranean movement that caused the earthquake at San Francisco was felt in greater or less degree at many distant places on the earth’s surface. The scientists in the government bureaus at Washington believe that the subterranean land slide may have taken place in the earthquake belt in the South American region or under the […]