Unionism Versus Patriotism – Margaret, Engelbrekt And Charles Knutsson

QUEEN MARGARET, the successor of Albrecht, for the first time in history united the three Scandinavian countries and their dependencies under one rule. Born in a prison in which King Valdemar of Den-mark had placed his consort, Queen Hedvig, there remained in the character of Margaret something of the rigor and chill of her uncomely […]

Unionism Versus Patriotism – Uncrowned Kings Of The Sture Families

STEN STURE THE ELDER was chosen regent by the council of state and elected by the people at the Riksdag of Arboga, in 1471. For more than half a century following upon the reign of Charles VIII., Sweden was governed by uncrowned kings, with the intermission of a few years. These regents had not any […]

Revolution And Reformation – Gustavus Vasa

GUSTAVUS ERICSSON VASA, the man whom Providence had selected to save his country from anarchy and ruin, belonged to a noble family of Unionist sympathies, his great-grandfather being Drotsete Krister Nilsson Vasa. But the Vasa family had joined the cause of the patriots during the reigns of the Stures, simultaneously losing some of its earlier […]

Reformation And Reaction – The Sons Of Gustavus I

ERIC XIV. succeeded his father in 1560, commencing his reign under the most brilliant of auspices. But the old King Gustavus had foreseen that his sons would cause danger to the realm which he with infinite care had built up. After his forty years’ work of construction followed forty years of destruction which his elder […]

The Mediaeval State – The Folkung Dynasty

WITH Eric Ericsson the royal line of Saint Eric became extinct. The crown was, on account of his birthright, offered to Valdemar, the oldest son of Birger Jarl. He was crowned in Linkœping in 1251. From this period on, a new historic source is found in the rhymed chronicles, of which Swedish literature possesses several […]

Dawn Of Swedish History – Heimskringla And Ynglingatal

SNORRE STURLESON, the great historian and poet of Iceland, of the earlier half of the thirteenth century, is considered to be the author of the history of the kings of Norway which, after the first words of the first chapter, has been called Heimskringla. As an introduction to the work he has put the saga […]

Early Christian Era – Stenkil’s Line And Interchanging Dynasties

THE sources of Swedish history during the first two centuries of the Middle Ages are very meager. This is a deplorable fact, for during that period Sweden passed through a great and thorough development, the various stages of which consequently are not easily traced, Before th year of 1060 Sweden is an Old Teutonic state, […]

The Viking Age – Ansgar, The Apostle Of Sweden

” IN the North there is a great ocean, and in this ocean there is a large island called Scandza, out of whose loins our race burst forth like a swarm of bees and spread over Europe.” These were the words the Gothic historian Jordanes put on parchment, inspired by the popular traditions of a […]

Gustavian Period – Gustavus III And Gustavus IV

His brilliant endowment, one of the most illustrious, and, in spite of his glaring faults, one of the most beloved, of Swedish monarchs, was the first king since Charles XII. who was born in Sweden. For this very reason, and on account of his amiable and charming disposition, he had won for himself the sympathy […]

The Constitutional Monarchy – Charles XIII And The Early Bernadottes

CHARLES XIII. succeeded his nephew. He was chosen king after a new constitution had been formulated and accepted by the Riksdag of 1809. Charles XIII. was one of the most unsympathetic of Swedish kings, but his reign marks a new period in Swedish history, commencing the era of constitutional government. The new constitution to which […]