Aardal Fjord

FROM the Lyster, returning to the main fjord, you enter the Aardal, a continuation of the Sogne, and its most eastern extremity. At its entrance rises the Bodlenakken, 2990 feet, and, on the opposite side, the Boermolnaase, 3860 feet, with still higher mountains beyond them. The autumn days had come, and I was sailing on […]

Across The Scandinavian Peninsula

IN the latter part of July I found myself sailing along the wild and. superb coast south of Tromso. At eleven o’clock the color of the clouds began to change to a golden tint, warning us that the midnight hour was approaching, and the sunset close at hand; soon they became of an intense red, […]

Along The Coast From Sweden To Norway – Scandinavian Travel

As my affairs called me to Stromstad (the frontier town of Sweden) on my way to Norway, I was to pass over, I heard, the most uncultivated part of the country. Still I believe that the grand features of Sweden are the same everywhere, and it is only the grand features that admit of description. […]

Amusements In Norway

A wise man of the Orient once said:—”Tell me your amusements, and I will tell you what you are.” Norway’s self-record in this line is particularly interesting and significant. Almost every amusement popular in Norway is some form of athletics. From the most far-off ancient times it has been so; Norse youth for hundreds and […]

An Invitation To Visit Krokengaard

ON a warm July day I was crossing the Lyster fjord on my way to Krokengaard, on the eastern shore, almost opposite the Gaupne fjord, at the head of which is the valley of Juste-dal. There was not a breath of wind, nor a ripple on the sea; the rays of the sun fell upon […]

At Baden Near Zurich

OUR objective point being Baden near Zurich, we ask at the depot for tickets to that place. The agent has never heard of it ; the only Baden is Baden-Baden, in Germany. After a long conversation, in which we do not succeed in convincing him that Baden near Zurich exists, we are obliged to content […]


EARLY one morning, as September was drawing to its close, I approached the old city of Bergen. It was a beautiful autumn day, with not a breath of air stirring, and a thick smoky atmosphere hung over the shores. Passing the jetty and its bright-painted light-house, the port seemed like a large canal crowded with […]

Bergen – Scandinavian Travel

It was near midnight before we got within the suburbs of Bergen. Here is undulating ground, with more wood, and villas shaded with trees. As we approached the city we met parties of men and women, some in carrioles and carts, others walking, coming out to spend the Sunday with their friends in the country; […]

By Sea From Bergen To Stavanger And Christiania – Scandinavian Travel

I prepared for my solitary return from Bergen by the steamer. I met at dinner a young man traveling for a cutler’s house in Sheffield, a favorable specimen of his class; he spoke the language fluently after five months’ residence. Bathed, and after coffee went on board; found clean beds and neat vessel; watched the […]

Christiania – Scandinavian Travel

After a mild custom-house visitation, not a word being said about passports, we stept ashore in Christiania, Norway, and were piloted by a fellow-passenger to the hotel, where an old friend awaited me. He who had walked with me in the colonnades of Karnak, among the sands of Kam-Ombos, and under the palms of Philae, […]