Abbotsford And Dryburgh – Scotland

” AY, you may have the motor for the very same price as the horses,” the old landlady was assuring Mrs. Pitt. ” We’ve had that many tourists this week, my horses are quite worn out, and I’d sooner have you take the motor, which can’t get tired, you know. The price is reasonable enough […]

Around Europe – Exploring the Gusty Heights of Edinburgh, Part 1

Up there on the gusty heights of Edinburgh no one ever inquires the time at one o’clock in the afternoon. Precisely at the second, a ball flutters to the top of the Nelson flagstaff on Calton Hill and a cannon booms from a battery at Castle Rock; and watches are then set by merchants all […]

Around Europe – Exploring the Gusty Heights of Edinburgh, Part 2

One cannot forbear a smile as he surveys the noble bridge that spans the Forth and recalls the insistent pride of Edinburgh in the same. Here is an achievement over which all visitors are expected to exclaim in amazement-and engineers, I presume, invariably do. On this point your Edinburgh man is immovable. He scorns to […]

Around Europe – Exploring the Gusty Heights of Edinburgh, Part 3

The fumes and cobwebs of murky tradition dissipate in the keen, vigorous air of Calton Hill. Breezes from over the level shore-sands of Leith taste sharp of salt and excite bracing thoughts of the sea. Like a map, the whole environ of Edinburgh lies exposed from the Pentlands to the Firth. There is the steepled […]

Ben Lomond And The Highland Lakes.

The steamboat Londonderry called the next day at Port Rush, and we left in her for Greenock. We ran down the Irish Coast, past Dunluce Castle and the Causeway, the Giant’s organ was very plainly visible, and the winds were strong enough to have sounded a storm-song upon it. Farther on we had a distant […]

Ben Nevis, Perth, And Thrums – Scotland

It  is said to be ” held on a snow-ball tenure “; which probably means that long centuries ago a king gave the mountain to one of his subjects, in return for which gift he was to be presented with a snowball at certain stated times. The mountain now belongs to a family in which […]

Coronation Week – Scotland

A little reassured by these well-remembered names, John and Betty clambered up after Mrs. Pitt to the top of a motor bus, and such a bewildering city as they looked down upon! Betty shook her head in half dismay, half delight. ” I can hardly recognize even Trafalgar Square,” she said; ” but I like […]

Dryburgh Abbey – Great Britain And Ireland

Dryburgh lies amid the scenes in which Scott not only took such peculiar delight, but which furnished him themes both for his poems and romances, and which were rich in those old songs and narratives of border feats and raids which he has preserved in his Border Minstrelsy. Mel-rose, the Eildon Hills, the haunt of […]

Dumfries And Its Vicinity – Scotland

THE chauffeur shivered and turned up his coat-collar. The mist was clinging to his rough fur coat and his hair was heavy with it. Even those shut inside the automobile felt cold and uncomfortable enough, for it was a raw day with a sharp wind blowing the heavy Scotch mist. ” Wish it would rain […]

Edinburgh – Great Britain And Ireland

Venice, it has been said, differs from all other cities in the sentiment which she inspires. The rest may have admirers; she only, a famous fair one, counts lovers in her train. And, indeed, even by her kindest friends, Edinburgh is not considered in a similar sense. These like her for many reasons, not any […]