Municipal Ownership

Carved in the mantel of the library which adjoins the reception room of the lord provost of Glasgow is the motto, “Truth will prevail,” and the triumph of truth is illustrated in the development of municipal ownership in the British Isles. Probably no city in the world has extended the sphere of municipal activity further […]

Scotland – Tain To Inverness

UNSETTLED spirits have been said to roam the earth in the shape of a black dog. At all events, we were formally taken in charge by the latter when we reached Tain ; and it never left our side till it lured us, as it had done scores of visitors before, into its fancy baker’s, […]

Scotland – Forres To Fochabers

WE are among the richer wheat lands, and breathe the bright and bracing air of Morayshire at last. The coast to our left is indented with bays and lakes : ” The !Jason of the Findhorn, the resort of innumerable wild-fowl ; the sand-hills of Culbin, so curious, almost so marvellous ; the Black Forest, […]

Scotland – Fochabers To Sittyton

THE country from Fochabers to Aberdeen is varied enough. For four or five miles the road winds through the pine woods of the Altash Hills, behind which are the home shootings of Gordon Castle. Careful hedgerows and good steadings mark the Duke’s property, which goes up nearly to Keith, where the land becomes colder, and […]

Scotland – Sittyton To Aberdeen

“LOOK here ! I never saw so much tallow inside a hare in my life ! ” said an Aberdeenshire man to us at dinner. His remark was characteristic of that great feeding county, so especially staunch in its allegiance to King Beef. The struggle among the best bullocks, taking age into consideration, for the […]

Scotland – Aberdeen To Stonehaven

ALTHOUGH we had put the mare in commission once more, we did not wander up Deeside beyond railroads any farther than Aboyne, Her Majesty was leaving Balmoral that morning ; and – Charles Cook, who now keeps the Huntly Arms at Aboyne had got his brother John, and Davy Troup to take the ribbons again […]

Scotland – Dunkeld To Blair Athole

SO wrote John Fourth Duke of Athole, the most energetic of Scottish planters. Mr. Christopher Sykes, of Sledmere, who received a Book on Birds from an East Riding Society in 1780 for planting 54,430 larches, was as nothing to his Grace. In larch, and larch only, ” with its sharp-pointed top, which gives no rest […]

Scotland – Thruso To Helmsdale

The late Sir John Sinclair—Caithness Sheep Farming—St. Mary’s Mass—Georgemas Tryst—Shorthorn Crosses—Barrogill Castle—Barrock Plantations—Shorthorn and Galloway Crosses—Bringing-up of Calves and Yearlings—Sir George Dunbar’s Leicester Flock—Mail Journey along the Coast—A Night Ride on Horseback. The mare was fully two stone below her Orkney . form, when we saddled her once more, and led her off the packet […]

Scotland – Perth To Keir

PLEASANT Perth was left at last. We wended our way through the country once hunted by James Moray of Abercairney, and then by John Grant of Kilgraston, but now unhappily devoted to wire fences instead of foxes, and so on past Auchterarder, whose humble steeple (with what looks like a golden bird pluming its wings […]

Scotland – Keir To Fife Kennels

THE road from Stirling to Alloa lies through the strong wheat lands at the foot of the Ochil hills, which then bend sharply away to the left towards Perthshire. Some of the sheep-ranges are 2,300 feet above the sea-level, and were once held solely by the blackfaces, but the Cheviot usurper is fast gaining on […]