A Chemical Laboratory Of The Gods

SAVING the silver-mining town of Oruro, I came down the mountains on the little narrow gauge which connects it with its seaport, Antfagasta, in Chile. The distance is 600 miles, or about as far as from New York to Cleveland. The track is only two feet six inches wide. It is, I believe, the longest […]

A Day Among The Basques

It is often charged against Argentina that it is “a remarkably monotonous country, all alike and uninteresting to journey through,” ‘I did not find it so. I found no two regions, no two estancias, alike. I spent a day among the Basques and Danes at Tandil. Argentina as a rule is level; in truth the […]

A Visit To The Largest Coffee Plantation

FROM San Paulo I took the railroad for the interior and went 300 miles inland to see the Dumont coffee fazenda, the biggest coffee plantation in the world. It has about 5,000,000 trees, and annually produces enough coffee to give every man, woman, and child in the United States a daily cup for a week. […]

A Wayside Drinking Place

His Excellency went away early in his big automobile, inspecting the irrigating canals, and we returned later to Trelew. On the way down we passed a wayside inn, where travelers to the Cordilleras tarry for food and drink, obtain final repairs for their wagons and have their animals shod. Near the inn was a curious […]

A Wild Ride With The Bolivian Mails

FOR the past three days I have been riding over the high plateau of Bolivia and am now in the middle of it, away up over the Coast Range of the Andes, in the mining town of Oruro. The Bolivian plateau is one of the wonderful tablelands of the globe; it is situated between the […]

Across South America On The Trans-andean Railroad

As it is, the railroad is about completed. There are now less than 40 miles yet to build, and there will soon be an iron track from ocean to ocean. The railroad from Mendoza to Buenos Aires is excellent, although the distance is 654 miles; there is also a fairly good line from Mendoza nearly […]

Again Southward Bound

We embarked from the port of Montevideo on the Oriana, an English ship of the Pacific Line, running from Liverpool to the Brazilian ports, Montevideo and the west coast of South America. She was a big comfortable ship. On her decks were many large pens, each containing half a dozen splendid Romney rams, which had […]

Along The Coast Of Argentina

From my note book I quote : “As I progress northward along the coast of Patagonia I am more and more impressed with the immense stretch of country it presents. I learn, too, that while in the region close to the Straits of Magellan the land is now all taken and most of it is […]

Among The Chilenos

THE voyage down the coast of Chile gives one an idea of its enormous length. It is five days by steamer from the nitrate fields to Valparaiso, and the German ship on which I shall sail for Tierra del Fuego will require nine days to reach Punta Arenas, on the Strait of Magellan. Chile is […]

Among The Gold And Silver Mines Of The Andes

ORURO is one of the chief mining centres of Bolivia. There are rich deposits of silver and tin in the mountains about it, and the work in the mines goes on night and day. There are valuable copper mines not fat from here; the whole country, in fact, seems to be a bed of rich […]