Hispanic Nations – Republics Of South America

EVEN so huge and conservative a country as Brazil could not start out upon the pathway of republican freedom without some unrest; but the political experience gained under a régime of limited monarchy had a steadying effect. Besides, the Revolution of 1889 had been effected by a combination of army officers and civilian enthusiasts who […]

Venezuela, And The Orinoco Basin

It is yearly coming closer to the United States; our new possessions in the West Indies make her almost a neighbor. We have regular ships that sail from New York to La Guaira, calling at Porto Rico on the way. The trade between the two countries steadily increases. Uncle Sam has now a permanent exposition […]

Among The Mountains Of The Equator

ALTHOUGH Ecuador straddles the equator, the greater part of it has an excellent climate. It is a land of the sky, for it has a dozen towns which are twice as high up in the air as Denver. Nine-tenths of its inhabitants live in the clouds. It has cattle ranches in the Andes, which are […]

On The Great South American Desert

I LEFT Ecuador, sailing in a Chilean steamer down the Guayas river into the Pacific, and am now at Pacasmayo, Peru. I am in the heart of the great South American desert, that wonderful strip of sand which extends from the borders of Ecuador for two thousand miles southward, along the Pacific coasts of Peru […]

The Irrigated Valleys Of Peru

ALTHOUGH most of the people of Peru live on the high tableland beyond the coast range of the Andes, the country, as we know it, is chiefly confined to the coast. It is made up almost wholly of little irrigated valleys, fed by the snow-water rivers on their way from the mountains through the desert […]

In The Guianas

They are different from the other countries of South America in that they are colonial possessions of European Powers. British Guiana belongs to Great Britain, Dutch Guiana is owned by Holland, and French Guiana is governed by France. These three countries lie in the northeastern part of South America, and are bounded on the north by […]

In Rio De Janeiro

It is next to Buenos Aires the largest city in South America. It has 700,000 inhabitants, while Buenos Aires claims 100,000 more. Buenos Aires is by far the largest Spanish-speaking city in the world: Rio de Janeiro is the largest city in which the people speak Portuguese. It has more people than all the cities […]

More About Coffee

A NIGHT’S ride north by railroad has brought me to Rio de Janeiro, the capital of Brazil. Rio is the centre of the coffee trade. It is financially and industrially, as well as politically the Brazilian capital, and while it does not ship so many bags of coffee as Santos ships, it furnishes most of […]

In The Switzerland Of Brazil

HAVE you ever heard of Petropolis? It is where the president and the leading Brazilian officials spend their summers, and where the foreign diplomats live all the year round. It is in the mountains, just back of Rio, about half a mile above the level of the sea. The scenery about it is more like […]

The Great Cities Of The Amazon

THE great cities of the Amazon valley! It seems odd to think of the savage Amazon having cities at all, but it is really a trade centre, annually exporting products worth many millions of dollars. The biggest city on it is Pará, which lies at° its mouth, 1,000 miles east of Manáos where this chapter […]