A Journey in the Interior of Borneo

AS the wet season was approaching I determined to return to Sarawak, sending all my collections with Charles Allen round by sea, while I myself proposed to go up to the sources of the Sadong River, and descend by the Sarawak valley. As the route was somewhat difficult, I took the smallest quantity of baggage, […]

Burma And Buddhism

Burma is another country which was added to our list after leaving home, but as its people are quite distinct from the inhabitants of India and as it is one of the strongholds of Buddhism, we turned aside to visit it en route from Ceylon to Calcutta.; On the map it occupies a part of […]

Cape Cod – The Towns – Pt. 1

WHETHER just or not, the summary punishment dealt out by Standish all but destroyed the natives’ confidence in the whites; and as such a situation was particularly bad for trade, the whites, too, got their reward. Yet the Indians, when occasion offered, were ready to be kind. In December, 1626, the ship Sparrowhawk, London to […]

In The Tropics

In a tour around the world one travels by steamer about six thou-sand miles through the tropics. Entering the torrid zone soon after leaving Hong Kong, almost touching the equator at Singapore, and not entering the temperate zone again until he is nearly half way through the Red Sea, he has ample time to study […]

Industries Of Java

THE principal products of Java are rice, coffee, sugar, indigo, and tea. Rice is the most important, for it is the chief food of the people. We see women every-where hulling ,it. It grows on every hill and in every valley, and vast irrigation works have been constructed for it, making a large part of […]

Java-The Beautiful

We had not thought of visiting Java, but we heard so much, of it from returning tourists as we journeyed through Japan, China and the Philippines, that we turned aside from Singapore and devoted two weeks to a trip through the island. Steamers run to both Batavia (which is the capital and the metropolis of […]

Jesuits On The Pacific Slope

ON the Pacific slope the frontiers of effective settlement marched northward by slow degrees into Arizona and Lower California. This advance was led throughout the seventeenth century by Spanish Jesuits, contemporaries of the better known Black Robes in Canada. Laboring in a much more propitious field, they were able to achieve more permanent results than […]

New Caledonia And Other French Islands

WE have left Auckland and are on our way to New Caledonia, a large island belonging to France, about seven hundred miles off the eastern coast of Australia. The weather has been growing warmer ever since we left Auckland. We are sailing over summer seas in a climate similar to that inside the Great Barrier […]

New Guinea

CONSIDERING Australia a continent, New Guinea is, next to Greenland, the largest island on the globe. It is longer than the distance from New York to Omaha, and its width in places is as great as the distance from Boston to Washington. It would make more than seven states the size of Kentucky, and about […]

Old Time Ceylon (Sri Lanka)

WE have been five days on the Indian Ocean, sailing W through summer seas, and are now in the harbor of Colombo surrounded by ships from all parts of the world. There is a steamer coming in from Calcutta, and we have just passed one bound for Sydney, Australia. Our own vessel is a Japanese […]