A Bull Fight – Spain Travel

First, I saw a great wooden circus open to the sky, with one row of boxes above, an amphitheater below, and an immense ring separated from the amphitheater by a red barrier six feet high, and an alley about five feet wide. Then I saw 14,000 Spaniards, the men wearing civilized trousers and chimney-pots, the […]

A Bullfight In Madrid

There was a great bullfight, the first Sunday afternoon that we spent in Madrid. Of course we did not go to such a performance on Sunday. I do not think it would tempt me on any day, for I am not fond of cowardice and cruelty, which are the two prominent features of the performance. […]

A By-Path in Spain

IT was four o’clock of a beautiful morning when we sallied from Astorga, or rather from its suburbs, in which we had been lodged: we directed our course to the north, in the direction of Galicia. Leaving the mountain Telleno on our left, we passed along the eastern skirts of the land of the Maragatos, […]

A Day and a Night in Gibraltar

THE ROCK,” as the sailors called Gibraltar, didn’t appear from the bay exactly as I had expected to see it. A certain insurance company has printed a great many pictures of the stronghold in its advertisements, and I sup-posed, of course, it would look like the photographs. In this I was disappointed, for the great […]

Alhambra – Walls And Towers

The fortress of the Alhambra is a walled circuit about half a mile long and seven hundred feet wide. The walls rise to the height of about thirty feet and are five feet thick. At intervals there are towers, to the number of twelve or more, of which the entrance tower of the Gate of […]

Avila – Spain Travel

The road to Avila lies over the mountains and through forests of pine. Beyond the Escorial the railway climbs steadily, and for long distances without passing any station. Finally it reaches the top of the divide and plunges, or rather glides by long and sweeping curves, to the plain—a bare, deserted country not unlike that […]


We arrived at Barcelona early in the morning and found quarters at the ” Cuatros Naciones,” which is the best hotel in the town. The streets were full of people, and as the day passed on, fine carriages drawn by superb horses and filled with handsome ladies and gentlemen drove up and down the ” […]

Barcelonia, The Catalonian Capital – Spain Travel

Of the three cities which have good reason to claim the title of Queens of the Mediterranean—Genoa, Marseilles, and Barcelona—this last has every prospect of becoming the largest and perhaps the wealthiest. It has the immense advantage of combining the business of mill and shop, of warehouse and dock, or, as I said, of Liver-pool […]

Cabeza De Vaca

ALVAR NU EZ CABEZA DE VACA, now a castaway on “Malhado” Island, on the wild coast of Texas, was a noble of old lineage. He had relinquished high official position in Spain to join Narvâez in his -adventure. Of the disaster and its remarkable sequel Vaca wrote a circumstantial account which enables us to get […]

Cadiz – Spain Travel

It was perfectly dark when we reached Cadiz. The lanterns of the ships and smaller craft at anchor in the roads, the lights in the town, and the stars in the sky, literally covered the waves with millions of golden, silver, and fiery spangles; where the water was calmer, the reflection of the beacons, as […]