Adventures Among the Alps

THERE were times when I found the Swiss peasantry inclined to be gruff and surly in manner, but as a rule they were simple, hospitable folk, who treated me with kindness, and charged me but little for my food and lodging. I tried to travel as much as possible through the districts which were but […]

Alpine Climbing

THOUGH Switzerland does not contain within its borders more than one-third of the Alps, and the greatest height of the Alpine range (Mount Blanc) is wholly within France, the Alps are always associated with Switzerland in the popular mind ; and with good reason, for the country is particularly and almost wholly Alpine in its […]

Alpine Mountain Climbing – Switzerland

On the 23d of July, 1860, I started for my first tour of the Alps. At Zermatt I wandered in many directions, but the weather was bad and my work was much retarded. One day, after spending a long time in attempts to sketch near the Hornli, and in futile endeavors to seize the forms […]

Alpine Resorts – Switzerland

Once more—perhaps for the last time—I listen to the unnumbered tinkling of the cow-bells on the slopes—”the sweet bells of the sauntering herd”—to the music of the cicadas in the sunshine, and the shouts of the neat herdlads, echoing back from Alp to Alp. I hear the bubbling of the mountain rill, I watch the […]

An Ascent Of Monte Rosa – Switzerland

On Monday, the 9th of August, we reached the Riffel, and, by good fortune on the evening of the same day, my guide’s brother, the well known Ulrich Lauener, also arrived at the hotel on his return from Monte Rosa. From him we obtained all the information possible respecting the ascent, and he kindly agreed […]

At Lucerne And Its Beautiful Lake

LEAVING Baden-Baden, we commence our journey through Switzerland to Italy, regretting that the season is too far advanced to spend much time in comfort amidst the incomparable scenery through which we pass. As Lake Lucerne lies in our route, we spend a day at the city of Lucerne. The first object of interest for all […]

Avalanches – Switzerland

Beside this dazzling, magnificent snow, covering the chain of lofty peaks like an immaculate altar cloth, what a gloomy, dull look there is in the snow of the plains ! One might think it was made of sugar or confectionery, that it was false like all the rest. To know what snow really is—to get […]

Avalanches and Glaciers

THE avalanche is chiefly associated in the mind of the visitor to Switzerland with thoughts of peril and destruction, the glacier with the idea of a permanent field of ice set decoratively to adorn a mountainside. Neither impression represents all of the truth. Avalanches are destructive, and glaciers decorative. But the avalanche is normally, to […]

By Rail Up The Gorner Grat – Switzerland

To see the splendid array of snow peaks and glaciers which makes the sky line above Zermatt, one must leave the valley and walk or climb to a higher level. An ideal spot for this is the Hotel Riffel Alp. Both the situation and the Hotel outrival and surpass any similar places in the Alps. […]

Chamouni – An Avalanche – Switzerland

From Servoz three leagues remain to Chamouni —Mont Blanc was before us—the Alps, with their innumerable glaciers on high all around, closing in the complicated windings of the single vale—forests inexpressibly beautiful, but majestic in their beauty—intermingled beech and pine, and oak, overshadowed our road, or receded, while lawns of such vendure as I have […]