Europe – Republic Of Switzerland

No wonder Switzerland is free. The beauty of the country inspires a love of native land and the mountains form a natural fortress behind which the Swiss people could withstand armies many times the size of their own. Nowhere can one find as great a variety of landscape in a day’s ride by train as […]

Fourteen Months Abroad – Interlaken, Switzerland

May 16.—We left Lucerne this morning. Miss Suter was with us at the station until the train left. She gave me some lilies of the valley, blue myrtle and other flowers from their grounds just as we were leaving. We were sorry to leave Pension Suter and the two sisters who were most kind to […]

Fourteen Months Abroad – Geneva, Switzerland

May 19.—Jungfrau loomed up grandly yesterday before we left Interlaken at 10:50. We came here by way of Lake Thun, Berne, Frieburg and Lausanne. After breakfast and after the packing was all done and we were ready to leave I left L. at the hotel (he not feeling well) and went out for a walk […]

Fourteen Months Abroad – Basle, Switzerland

May 26.—We left Geneva yesterday at 12:40, reaching here about eight last evening. The last thing we did before leaving was to walk to the island of Rousseau, which was quite near us. The tall Lombardy poplars and other trees give the island a picturesque appearance. Five beautiful mouse colored swans, very young ones, were […]

Fourteen Months Abroad – Lucerne, Switzerland

May 10.—I rose early this morning and took one more walk in Lugano. It was before breakfast and before L. was dressed. I walked to the top of the hill back of the hotel through a long grape arbor. The view from this point was fine. I could see mountains that could not be seen […]

Fourteen Months Abroad – Lugano, Switzerland

May 9.-We left Bellagio this morning at 10:30. Arrived here this afternoon, and find Lugano a delightful place. We greatly desired to hear the nightingales sing before leaving Bellagio and at last had that pleasure. Yesterday afternoon about sunset e went to a grove and were delighted to hear a chorus of nightingales. This, however, […]

At Lucerne And Its Beautiful Lake

LEAVING Baden-Baden, we commence our journey through Switzerland to Italy, regretting that the season is too far advanced to spend much time in comfort amidst the incomparable scenery through which we pass. As Lake Lucerne lies in our route, we spend a day at the city of Lucerne. The first object of interest for all […]

Journeys To And From Switzerland

BEFORE plunging into the accounts of travels by the three past generations, which it is the main purpose of this volume to reproduce, a few words may be given to explain who were the actors in the first scenes which we are about to recall. The first journey to which we shall refer was made […]

Tramping in the Alps

THE things with most capacity to tire us are the things that we most delicately love. I had been roaming over Italy for many months, seeking forgotten frescoes in far-away hamlets and musing in the sanctity of churches; and when at last I reached Milan I longed eagerly never to look upon another picture nor […]

Natural Beauties of Switzerland

YES, it is not necessary to join a climbing party to enjoy the scenery of Switzerland. No place in the world offers greater facilities to the sedentary tourist. There are railways and diligence routes almost everywhere ; and in places, too, there are still retreats for the quiet pedestrian who wishes neither to undertake sensational […]