Advice To Tourists

The articles of this series, taken in connection with the articles written during a former visit to Europe, cover all of the countries which I have visited, and nothing is left but to offer some generalizations covering the more important questions discussed in the course of these articles. First, as to routes of travel. We […]

Study Of Governments

One who travels in foreign lands is likely to learn but little of the governments of the lands through which he passes, unless he makes a special effort to inform himself, for the lines of travel are laid through the communities where law and order are maintained and where the government is so stable that […]

Some Recipes To Fit The Wilds

If for a brief time you are situated where none but canned meats can be obtained—a situation which from the standpoint of gastronomic comfort is to to be avoided as far as possible-you will find that the following dish, known to us as “The Cow-boy’s Delight,” will prove an acceptable interlude in the monotony: Into […]

California – The Practical Side Of It

A chapter may be added as to the practical side of such a trip by carriage as has just been outlined. It will be found advantageous to give the horse a full day’s rest every four or five days, though if the daily travel is easy the Sunday rest will be all that is really […]

Americans At The Outbreak Of Hostilities

AmOF course, as soon as there was a prospect of war, the Embassy was overrun with Americans. Few Americans had taken the precaution of travelling with passports, and passports had become a necessity. All of the Embassy force and all the volunteers that I could prevail upon to serve, even a child of eleven years […]

Travel Letters: Tintern (1885)

DEAR WILLIAM, — A happy new year to you, and a great many more of them for years to come. You have had a good time for the last fifty-one years, and I am sure you have helped other people (such as I) to have a great many good times all along. Now you are […]

Travel Letters: Bonn, Germany (1885)

DEAR GERTIE, — It is a very lovely morning on the Rhine. I am afraid that it will be hot by and by, when the steamboat comes along and we start to go up the river ; but at present, before breakfast, it is very lovely. There is a pretty village with trees and a […]

Places of Retirement

HAVE been spending a Sunday of retire in the woods. I came out with strange, deep sense of depression, and though I knew it was myself and not the world that was sad, yet I could not put it away from me. As I, write, the wood seems full of voices, the little rustling of […]

Going A Journey

ONE of the pleasantest things in the world is going a journey; but I like to go by myself. I can enjoy society in a room; but out of doors, nature is company enough for me. I am then never less alone than when alone. “The fields his study, nature was his book.” I cannot […]

Hotels In The Orient, Africa, Mexico And Canada

In these days of convenient travel Europe and the United States can have no monopoly in historic hotels, although, as is to be expected, the number of such houses in the Orient, Africa, Mexico and Canada are inconsiderable. Europe may have invented the hotel, but America has perfected the model upon which the best hotels […]