Advice To Tourists

The articles of this series, taken in connection with the articles written during a former visit to Europe, cover all of the countries which I have visited, and nothing is left but to offer some generalizations covering the more important questions discussed in the course of these articles. First, as to routes of travel. We […]

Air Routes Abroad

Commercial aviation, especially for passengers, has reached a point in Europe far ahead of the United States. It is about as safe as railway travel there, and not much more expensive than first-class rail service. Half a dozen or more passenger planes of the Imperial Airways, Ltd. cross from London to Paris and vice versa […]

Americans At The Outbreak Of Hostilities

AmOF course, as soon as there was a prospect of war, the Embassy was overrun with Americans. Few Americans had taken the precaution of travelling with passports, and passports had become a necessity. All of the Embassy force and all the volunteers that I could prevail upon to serve, even a child of eleven years […]

Baggage To Take Abroad

Naturally this must be enough to hold the clothing and other things finally determined upon. But leave at home everything you can possibly do without. If your trip is to be short and energetic, such as the average summer trip to Europe, by all means do not take a trunk, at least no farther than […]

Before Going Abroad

Leave instructions with friends and relatives as to MAIL. Before leaving home decide on certain addresses. Either give those whom you expect to write the dates for mailing to each such address (I have found this most advantageous) or tell them to allow sufficient time to reach you at each address, including the days letters […]

California – The Practical Side Of It

A chapter may be added as to the practical side of such a trip by carriage as has just been outlined. It will be found advantageous to give the horse a full day’s rest every four or five days, though if the daily travel is easy the Sunday rest will be all that is really […]

Clothing For Travel

The first and last rule as to CLOTHING is to take as little as possible. A famous traveler-author makes it a rule to lay out his outfit for a new trip in three piles-1. The things he is sure to use every day; 2. The things he is likely to need two or three times […]

Foregin Railroads

In England and a few countries on the continent express trains make greater average speed than those in the United States. Most foreign trains, however, are considerably slower than ours. On the whole railway fares are less than in the United States, because with few exceptions all foreign railroads have two or three classes, and […]

Going A Journey

ONE of the pleasantest things in the world is going a journey; but I like to go by myself. I can enjoy society in a room; but out of doors, nature is company enough for me. I am then never less alone than when alone. “The fields his study, nature was his book.” I cannot […]

Handling Baggage Abroad

In England, and where English is spoken on the continent, this has now become “luggage.” It is not checked but “registered.” In France it is bagage and is enregistre or expedie. Various words for “porter” are porteur in France, Gepacktrager in Germany, cargador in Spain and Spanish-America, carregador in Portugal or Brazil, fachino in Italy. […]