Resurrection – Delusive Hopes

By delusive hopes are here meant some of the various schemes in which Irishmen have indulged and still indulge with the view of bettering their country. This chapter will aim at showing that, for the resurrection of Ireland, the reconstruction of her past is impossible ; parliamentary independence or “home rule,” insufficient; physical force and […]

Arabian Nights Of The Medical Missionary

TEHERAN, the capital of Persia, has a population of over 300,000 and is located on an elevated plain in the north central portion of Persia, south of the Elburz range, which lies between it and the Caspian Sea 70 miles to the north. Mt. Demavend is a part of this range, a giant volcanic mountain […]

New Era In World Missions

A Great and Insistent Issue. We have observed in the preceding chapters unmistakable signs of a renaissance in Asia. We have traced the development of the new era in Japan, Korea, China, India, and the Near East. The evidence and the argument of these facts is cumulative. Taking Asia as a whole it presents the […]

Renaissance – Revival of Arts and Letters

Although during the Middle Ages humanity had not lost its intellectual life, still the name of the Renaissance has been adopted to designate the revival of art and letters in the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries. The world, in fact, seemed to be born again. Princes and popes, nobles and monks, knights and burghers, seemed all […]

The Age Of Reason

Art, so brilliant in the Seventeenth Century, underwent an eclipse in the Eighteenth. Painting, sculpture, and architecture were in a state of decay. Art seemed as though exhausted, and became second-rate, while society, which had acquired wealth, sought for and encouraged it more than ever. It failed through imitation, and was less earnest because society […]

Authors – Tolstoy, The Apostle Of Love

Count Leo Tolstoy, the intellectual giant of Russia, the moral Titan of Europe and the world’s most conspicuous exponent of the doctrine of love, is living a life of quiet retirement upon his estate near the village of Yasnaya, Poliana, about one hundred and thirty miles south of Moscow. I made a visit to the […]

Problems Of The World

Each locality has its questions of interest; each state has subjects which arouse discussion ; each nation has its issues of paramount importance, and the world has its problems. There are transient questions which come and go and questions which, like Tennyson’s brook, “go on forever.” Each generation, in each country, meets the issues presented […]

Foreign Missions

In former letters I have mentioned the missionary work being done by Americans in the Orient, and I deem the subject important enough for an article, in view of the conflicting reports which have been brought back by tourists. We had an opportunity to investigate the work done by American missionaries in Hawaii, Japan, Korea, […]

Fourteen Months Abroad – Travel Letters from Edwardian London

August 4.—It seems delightful to be here again where our own language is spoken. We found the same pretty rolling country between Canterbury and London. Again we had views of the Cathedral and Castle at Rochester and again there were bright wild flowers that I longed for. L. did errands this morning. He brought back […]

Fourteen Months Abroad – Letters from London, England

July 29.—The White Dover Cliffs could be seen early this morning from our steamer. We passed through the Straits of Dover and the mouth of the Thames, and saw the large steamers, sailing vessels and powder magazine on the river. Our baggage was examined by the custom house officers before we left the Mohawk at […]