A Last Sketch And A Night Run – New England Travel

This is the last chapter. It was my plan to write thirteen, as I have faith in the lucky number, but my verbosity has ever been my curse. I did not admit to W ___that the Fall River boat, going down to New York, had set my heart to singing, not from any love of […]

A Tour On The Continent

IN company with his two children and a friend, Dr. Roget made an extended tour of the Continent in the year 1844. His son, John Lewis Roget, was then sixteen years of age, and this tour was the first time that he had been abroad, and selections from his account are given below. Thus the […]

America Again — Fourth Trip Abroad

IT was about eight months after the evening when I first determined to go around the world, that a crowd of my friends were gathered in Jack Irwin’s house. They were there to welcome me home from my trip, and to congratulate me upon my success in accomplishing my ambition. It was a memorably pleasant […]

An Easter Day Parade

I quote from my journal: “We came back to Rosario in time to see in the principal street of the town the Easter day parade of carriages. There were two lines of these carriages, one passing in each direction, many of the carriages were fine and the horses good. In the carriages were elegantly dressed […]

Arabian Nights Of The Medical Missionary

TEHERAN, the capital of Persia, has a population of over 300,000 and is located on an elevated plain in the north central portion of Persia, south of the Elburz range, which lies between it and the Caspian Sea 70 miles to the north. Mt. Demavend is a part of this range, a giant volcanic mountain […]

Authors – Tolstoy, The Apostle Of Love

Count Leo Tolstoy, the intellectual giant of Russia, the moral Titan of Europe and the world’s most conspicuous exponent of the doctrine of love, is living a life of quiet retirement upon his estate near the village of Yasnaya, Poliana, about one hundred and thirty miles south of Moscow. I made a visit to the […]


DEAR FATHER, — I will begin a letter here and finish it in Dresden, where I go today. I have been here since Friday, the longest stay I have made anywhere since I left London. Let me see, my last was to William from Cassel, a week ago yesterday. From there I went to Eisenach, […]

Bordentown And Its Memories

Above Burlington Island the Delaware winds around a jutting tongue of flat land, “Penn’s Neck,” which is one of the noted regions of the river, the ancient “Manor of Pennsbury.” This was Penn’s country home, originally a tract of over eight thou-sand acres, the Indian domain of ” Sepessing?’ His house, which he occupied in […]

Cassel, Germany

MY DEAR WILLIAM, — Just before I left Frankfort-on-the-Main today, I went to the bankers’ and found there your good letter of September 22. It was my company on a lovely ride up the country to this queer old German town, whence I answer it from the dining-room of the Romlicher Kaiser hotel. A thousand […]

Finish of the Passion Play Off to See the Castles

AT one o’clock in the afternoon the great performance was resumed, and Jack and I were again enthusiastic over the wonderful scenes we witnessed. There were some tableaux which surpassed even those of the morning. The first one represented the Prophet Michaiah being smitten on the cheek, because he had told the Arab the truth, […]