A Chapter Wholly Away From Mount Vernon

THERE is only one account of that significant day in the life of Washington and the future mistress of Mount Vernon. It is handed down by the grandson of “the charming widow”: “The colonel was introduced to various guests (for when was a Virginian domicil of the olden time without guests?), and above all, to […]

A College Town – American Travel

IT was about one o’clock in the afternoon when my companion and I alighted from the train in Lawrence, Kansas. the city in which the Quantrell massacre occurred, as mentioned in a preceding chapter, and the seat of the University of Kansas. An automobile hack, the gasoline equivalent of the dilapidated horse-drawn station hack of […]

A Middle-Western Miracle Chicago – American Travel

IMAGINE a young demigod, product of a union between Rodin’s “Thinker” and the Winged Victory of Samothrace, and you will have my symbol of Chicago. Chicago is stupefying. It knows no rules, and I know none by which to judge it. It stands apart from all the cities in the world, isolated by its own […]

A Tour In The United States

DURING a considerable portion of the intervening years, Dr. Roget lived in Manchester, where he was for some time one of the Physicians to the Infirmary, an appointment which he retained till October 1808, when he finally settled in London and became a scientific writer and lecturer of eminence and versatility. He was elected a […]

Aborigines And Slavery – New England

The Indians of New England have been so long gone as to be almost forgotten. In a few spots, at Gay Head, Mashpee, Orono, and Kingston, some descendants of mixed blood still survive. When in 1524 Verazzano, one of the first European visitors to the New England coast, sailed into Narragansett Bay, some twenty canoes […]

Across The Jerseys With The Patriots XXIV

THE FRANKLIN PALACE, PERTH AMBOY, NEW JERSEY THE HOME OF THE SON OF WHOM BENJAMIN FRANKLIN VAINLY TRIED TO MAKE A PATRIOT There was a time when Benjamin Franklin was proud of his son William, and was glad to have his name coupled with that of the young man. The first year of the father’s […]

Alaska – Airways —Unlimited

ALASKANS, engrossed in their constant colonial preoccupation with problems of bigness and farness, naturally were very quick to make the plane their own, and Alaska to-day has more fliers and more landing fields in proportion to its population than any other section of the world. Alaska already has double the number of landing fields possessed […]

Alaska – Alaska as an Alma Mater

A LITTLE boy who had lived his short life in outlying creek camps was brought to Fairbanks not long ago and attended his first church service. Fascinated by all he saw in the ancient order of the mass, he nearly broke up the congregation by exclaiming in a loud whisper: ” Ma! Why do the […]

Alaska – Alaska’s Golden Heart

NINE out of ten stories of Alaska towns begin with a dance hall and end with a dance hall. That seems to be the accepted and ready-made formula. To the person who has learned Alaskan life only from film and fiction, Alaska’s past, present and future are all contained within the walls of a dance […]

Alaska – Copper Gate and Iron Musketeers

THE Richardson Trail from inland Fairbanks to the Pacific Coast is Alaska’s longest and most ambitious piece of roadwork. It is unique in many ways, one being that in all the three hundred and seventeen miles from the outskirts of Fairbanks to the town of Chitina there is not one single crossroad. No wonder our […]