Sestiere Di Cannaregio

THE Sestiere di Cannaregio includes all that part of Venice to the north of the Grand Canal between the railway station and SS. Giovanni and Paolo and S. Giovanni Crisostomo. Here we have a great district, through which passes the Cannaregio and in which of old the Ghetto stood, but which is today, I suppose, […]

Sestieri Di S. Croce And S. Polo

THE Sestiere di S. Croce, in which we find ourselves at the Fondaco dei Turchi, now the Museo Civico, on the south of the Grand Canal, includes none of the great and important buildings on this side of Venice, which as a whole, it will be remembered, is divided, as is that part of the […]

The Lido, S. Lazzaro, S. Servolo, And S. Elena

IF there be one excursion which is invariably made by all visitors to Venice, it is that to the Lido, which, however, as it is generally undertaken by steamboat and for the purpose either of bathing or of watching others bathe, is scarcely worth the trouble of the journey. Yet the Lido, as it is […]

Sestiere Di Castello

THE city of Venice has been divided since the twelfth century into six parts, sestieri, three to the north of the Grand Canal, called Castello, S. Marco, and Cannaregio, and three to the south, called S. Croce, S. Polo, and Dorsoduro. The largest of these divisions which endure till the present day is Castello, which […]

Sestiere Di S. Marco

THIS is, as it were, the central division of the three sestieri which lie to the north of the Grand Canal. It has to the east the Iargest of all, the sestiere of Castello, and to the west that of Cannaregio. The Sestiere di S. Marco really comprises all that great promontory of the city […]

Sestiere Di Dorsoduro

FROM the church and Scuola di S. Rocco we pass acnoss the Rio della Frescada into the Sestiere di Dorsoduro which roughly comprises that part of Venice which lies between the Fondamenta delle Zattere on the Canal della Giudecca and the Grand Canal. Going this way, we first come upon the Church of S. Pantaleone […]

Academy – Venice

THE Venetian School of Painting which, with its great masters of the sixteenth century, occupies so famous a place in the history of Art, was not only very much later in its development than any other school in Italy, but was essentially different both in its condition and in its intention from any of them, […]

Venice – The Islands Of S. Michele And Murano

TO leave Venice behind, with all its curious bustle and air of business, its rushing steamers and pushing tourists, becomes, I think, ever more and more the need of the traveler who has lingered with her perhaps too long, perhaps not long enough, for his content. But you will not leave her behind if you […]

venice – Islands Of Burano, Torcello, And S. Francesco Del Deserto

THE journey to Murano is very easily made even by gondola between the cool of the day and sunset, but that to Burano, Torcello, and S. Francesco del Deserto is somewhat more formidable. This group of islands, the most beautiful and the most interesting in the whole length of lagoons, lies some seven miles or […]

To Chioggia

IF the journey to Burano and Torcello gives one the best chance of seeing the lagoon and the great marshy islands that together form so characteristic a part of the Veneto and so sure a defence of Venice against any enemy from the mainland, the journey to Chioggia allows one to examine the great lidi […]