A Tour Of The Grand Canal – Venice, Italy

The Grand Canal of Venice is the most wonderful thing in the world. No other city affords a spectacle so fine, so bizarre, so fairy-like. As remarkable bits of architecture, perhaps, can be found elsewhere, but nowhere located under such picturesque conditions. There each palace has a mirror in which to gaze at its beauty, […]

About Venice – The Grand Canal

The street of the nobles, is originally one of the many navigable channels by whose aid the waters of the tortuous rivers which have formed the lagoon find their way through the mud-banks, past the mouths of the Lido, to the open sea. It is the original rivo alto, or deep stream, which created Venice, […]

Academy – Venice

THE Venetian School of Painting which, with its great masters of the sixteenth century, occupies so famous a place in the history of Art, was not only very much later in its development than any other school in Italy, but was essentially different both in its condition and in its intention from any of them, […]

All Souls Day – Venice

THE Italians keep their Lemuria or festival for the dead, not in May, as their Roman ancestors did, but in November. The 2nd of November, All Souls’ Day, and its octave are more generally observed than any other of the minor holy days in the Roman calendar. No festival could so unite all classes of […]

An Italian Dream

I HAD been travelling for some days; resting very little in the night, and never in the day. The rapid and unbroken succession of novelties that had passed before me came back like half-formed dreams; and a crowd of objects wandered in the greatest confusion through my mind, as I traveled on by a solitary […]

Byzantine Venice: St. Mark’s

THE primitive patron of the town of Rivo Alto, and of the Republic of the Venetians, was the martyr St. Theodore, whose ancient figure still tops one of the columns in the Piazzetta. A church dedicated to this ancient saint is said to have occupied (nearly) the site of St. Mark’s before the 9th century. […]

Castelfranco And Bassano

THE road from Treviso to Castelfranco is a pleasant way enough in the springtime when the tender green of the new leaf gives the great world of the plain an almost vivid radiance, which it soon loses in the monotonous richness of early summer, the dust and drought of July. Pleasant enough is the road, […]

Fondaco Dei Turchi – Venice

FROM the Thirteenth Century, the Venetians had acquired such progress in commerce and had made such numerous treaties with the peoples of Europe and Asia that at certain periods the city was filled with strangers, attracted by exchange and commerce and who were entertained by their business acquaintances. The Senate anxious to develop everything that […]

Gothic Venice: The Doge’s Palace

THE nucleus of the first Venice, before it was made the seat of government of the Republic, is said to have been the little district about the great bridge over the Grand Canal, which still retains the name of Rialto. But as soon as the island group of Rivo Alto became the capital of the […]

How The Old Campanile Was Built – Venice, Italy

The wide discrepancy of the dates, 888 to 1148, may perhaps be accounted for by the conjecture that the work of the building [the Campanile] proceeded slowly, either with a view to allowing the foundations to consolidate, or owing to lack of funds, and that the chroniclers recorded each resumption of work as the beginning […]