Washington – The Potomac And The Alleghenies

The Potomac is one of the chief among the many rivers draining the Allegheny Mountains. It originates in two branches, rising in West Virginia and uniting northwest of Cumberland; is nearly four hundred miles long; has remarkably picturesque scenery in the magnificent gorges and reaches of its upper waters; breaks through range after range of […]

Washington – The Soldiers’ Home And Washington Monument

The city of Washington, with progressing years, is becoming more and more the popular residential city of the country. It is one of the most beautiful and attractive, the admirable plan, with the wide asphalted streets, lined with trees, opening up vista views of grand public buildings, statues, monuments or leafy parks, making it specially […]

Washington – The Smithsonian Institution

Upon the Mall stands the Smithsonian Institution, of world-wide renown, one of the most interesting public structures in Washington, its turrets and towers rising above the trees. The origin of this famous scientific establishment was the bequest of an Englishman, James Smithson, a natural son of Hugh Smithson, Duke of Northumberland, born in 1765. Ile […]

Washington – Elaborate Public Buildings

The great public buildings used for Government purposes are among the chief adornments of Washington. To the eastward of the White House is the Treasury Building, extending over five hundred feet along Fifteenth Street, enriched by a magnificent Ionic colonnade, three hundred and fifty feet long, modelled from that of the Athenian Temple of Minerva. […]

Washington – The White House

The most famous building in Washington, though one of the least pretentious, is the Executive Mansion, popularly known as the ” White House,” being constructed, like the older part of the Capitol, of freestone, and painted white. It stands within a park at some distance back from the street, a semi-circular driveway leading up to […]

Washington – The Capitol

The crowning glory of Washington is the Capitol, its towering dome, surmounted by the colossal statue of America, being the prominent landmark, seen from afar, on every approach to the city. The total height to the top of the statue is three hundred and seventy-five feet above the Potomac River level. The grand position, vast […]

The City Of Washington

The most famous of all these cities of the Chesapeake region is Washington, upon the Potomac, and we will therefore begin this story at the American National Capital. The striking thing about Washington is that, unlike other capitals of great nations, it was created for the sole purpose of a seat of government, apart from […]

Washington Relics

As may be supposed, this interesting building is filled with relics. The most valuable of all of them hangs on the wall of the central hall, in a small glass case shaped like a lantern—the Key of the Bastille—which was sent to Washington, as a gift from Lafayette, shortly after the destruction of the noted […]

Mary, The Mother Of Washington

To the southward of the Potomac a short distance, and flowing almost parallel, is another noted river of Virginia, the Rappahannock, rising in the foothills of the Blue Ridge, and broadening into a wide estuary in its lower course. Its chief tributary is the stream which the colonists named after the “good Queen Anne,” the […]

Mount Vernon – Lawrence Plans George’s Career

A PROPER career for George was one of the topics much discussed at Mount Vernon at this time. His two advisers were Lawrence and Lord Fair-fax, who had come to Virginia and made his home with his cousin William nearby at Belvoir. Lawrence had fancied a career at sea, hoping that, after some experience before […]