A Bit Of History Of The Supreme Court And The Buildings Occupied

Early the most important points of distinction in the career of Chief Justice Marshall seem to have been, first, that he took an active part, under Washington, in the attack on the home of the then Colonial Chief Justice Chew in Germantown; second, that he has by all means the greatest claim among Americans to […]

Alexandria, Virginia

ABOUT seven miles from Washington, down the Potomac, is the ancient city of Alexandria, which was founded in 1748, and for some years was called Bellhaven. In its early days it was a thriving port and had a large foreign trade. The Virginia planters shipped great quantities of tobacco and flour from its wharves, and […]

Like The Ancient Romans We Modern Americans Have Our Capitol

Like the ancient Romans we modern Americans have our Capitol as well as our Appian way; and whereas the first formal founding feast of Rome itself, was the lupine luncheon of Romulus and Remus with their four-footed hostess, the first formal founding feast of our Capitol, which accompanied the laying of its corner-stone, was also […]

Mary, The Mother Of Washington

To the southward of the Potomac a short distance, and flowing almost parallel, is another noted river of Virginia, the Rappahannock, rising in the foothills of the Blue Ridge, and broadening into a wide estuary in its lower course. Its chief tributary is the stream which the colonists named after the “good Queen Anne,” the […]

Mount Vernon – Absences From Home

THE story of Mount Vernon during the next seven years is not notably eventful. Its new master was a bachelor, the leading strings of his developing career drew him easily away from his home, and he has not left in his letters evidence that he was even preparing to organize his estate into anything approaching […]

Mount Vernon – Burdens Of Greatness

RELIEF that it was to have sheathed his sword and retired to the quiet of his home, Washington was no longer wholly free there and in the enjoyment of the privacy he desired. He now belonged to the country, for although there was no actual national entity, the pride and national aspirations of all the […]

Mount Vernon – Career Of Bushrod Washington

He was the third Washington to own and to live in Mount Vernon Mansion, was the second child of John Augustine Washington, who was a second younger brother of the General. He was born in Westmoreland County, Virginia, June 5, 1762. He graduated from the College of William and Mary in 1778, later joined the […]

Mount Vernon – Cherished Spot, the Home of Washington

WHILE the homes of most of the illustrious men who founded the American Republic have been suffered to decay, and finally to disappear from the earth, the home of George Washington has been fortunately preserved. That home to which he brought his lovely bride in the blithesome days of youth—those days of pleasant company, of […]

Mount Vernon – Death Chamber Sealed

AFTER the General’s death Mrs. Washington, following a custom then prevalent, closed his bed-chamber and moved into another. She chose the room at the south end of the third floor, directly over the one she had occupied with the General, because from its solitary dormer window she could see her husband’s tomb. She continued to […]

Mount Vernon – George Washington’s Home

The home gave remarkable opportunity to George Washington to show his superman qualities. As a general he was a genius. As a President he was of vast ability. But at Mount Vernon he displayed what would be termed, in modern phraseology, in super-degree, the qualities of a buyer. He filled Mount Vernon with the most […]