Fourteen Months Abroad – Genoa, Italy Via the Italian Riviera

April 26.-Again we are in this city, but only for the night. This evening there was a repetition of the noise and confusion in the railway station. We are stopping at Hotel Acquiba on our way to Milan. Once more we had lovely views of the Riviera but it was a wearisome journey, partly because the compartment we occupied was crowded by uncongenial people. One man who claimed to be an American citizen, but who was really a foreigner, was exceedingly disagreeable. However, there was much to enjoy. As we had been over the ground once before and had been fascinated by the rocky curving coast of the Mediterranean we did not see the other side so well. This time we devoted ourselves largely to that. We enjoyed the views of the Maritime Alps and wondered whether we should see any-thing more grand in Switzerland. These mountains running down to the Riviera were a great surprise as I had been waiting for the Alps in Switzerland after having seen the Tyrolese Alps. We left San Remo at 1:45 this afternoon. arriving here about 6:00.